Great Adventures in Barbados

Barbados is an island paradise located in the Caribbean. While many visitors are drawn to the island to explore the diverse underwater marine life and enjoy its beautiful beaches, the island has many other unique experiences to offer. Beauty can be found not only in the beautiful waters that surround the island but across its landscape as well. When you take a trip to Barbados do your self a favor and plan to spend at least one day exploring the wonders of the interior of the island. Whether you choose to visit only one attraction like Harrisons Cave or take a more adventurous approach and book an adventure tour, you might be surprised by the things you encounter across the lands of this beautiful island.

Limestone caves make up a good portion of the central uplands of Barbados. The most famous a frequently visited of these caves is Harrison Cave. The cave was only discovered and explored in the 1970’s by a man named Ole Sorensen. In 1981 after a through exploration and study the cave was opened as an attraction for the public. Since that time it has become one of the must see locations for visitors. Tourists who visit the cave are signed up for a tour that takes them on an underground exploration of all the caves highlights. Electric trams were installed to help move visitors through the 2.3 kilometer cave.

While much of the tour is conducted from inside the tram, visitors are allowed to exit the tram at several featured locations to explore and take pictures. Some of the most looked forward to sites in the cave include a forty foot waterfall, a tour of The Great Hall (a cavern that’s approximately fifty feet high), several lakes a rivers that run throughout the cavern, and a number of formations including stalagmite, stalactite, and calcite pillars.

If you are seeking more of an all inclusive island experience and a chance to visit many of the islands land features you should consider booking and Island Adventure. This off road safari style trek will get you out into the “wilderness” to see all Barbados has to offer. A tour guide will help you find the best locations and provide information and stories about local customs and folklore. There are several tour options to choose from that vary to help meet the needs of you and your group. For a truly personal experience the best choice is to book the Los Barbados Private Adventure. This will enable your tour guide to tailor the tour exactly to fit your group and give you the flexibility to spend more time in a location that interests your group. The Congaline and Turtle & Shipwreck Adventures are also popular choices among tourists who do not mind spending the day with other visitors.

Finally, if you would like to set out on your own you can choose the Rent a 4×4 package. However you choose to explore the island you can be sure that your safety is the first priority of these adventure tour groups. All the drivers have been considerable driving experience and the vehicles are equipped with top of the line safety features. On an adventure land tour you will see the islands sites in a way you never could exploring the island on your own. These tours are designed to show you the often overlooked beauty the island has hidden from shore to shore.

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