Bahamas Vacation

Time for a Bahamas Vacation
The kids are back in school; extra curricular activities are demanding constant shuttling of kids from point A to point B and then back again; the family dog needs attention from a pet groomer in more ways than one and the house needs cleaning and repairs. So why in the world would you be thinking about a Bahamas family vacation at this time in your life?

This is the best time to be thinking about a Bahamas vacation. Make plans now so that when the weather turns cold your family turns south for a tropical paradise bonding experience all families should enjoy. The Bahamas are located off the coast of Florida, about one hour of traveling distance. The islands are located near the Atlantic Gulf Stream making the water temperature an average of 80 degrees year around. Starting to get the mental picture?

The beaches are white and sandy with more water activities than you can dream of. Swim with the dolphins, snorkel along the reef, or scuba dive with the sea creatures. Brilliant colors combined with sun and sea fresh air will create memories that cannot be lost.

Vacation by the sea
If splashing in the sea with your family is not the required prescription for enjoyment then head over to Paradise Island and the Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas. Luxury accommodations are waiting to pamper you and your family for the most grand Bahamas vacation ever.

There is no shortage of activities on Paradise Island. The Atlantis Resort has a 14 acre waterscape filled with water slides sure to excite kids of all ages. Dad and mom can head over to the quarter mile lazy river ride and soak up the sun. Don’t forget the sun tan lotion!

The Atlantis Resort has eleven different pools with smaller kiddies’ pools as well. Plenty of Marina Village shops are nearby for those souvenir purchases.

If you are looking to book your Bahamas vacation, check with your local travel agent. There are also many online Bahamas travel package options available from the major travel web sites.

Some of the travel packages will be all inclusive meaning that you can pay up front when booking your trip for things like meals and snacks and then relax during your vacation not having to worry about paying for these items. Just make sure when booking your package you know exactly what is included. The savings in cost may also cost you flexibility in choosing where you dine.

Shop around for airfare to the Bahamas. Most of the major airlines fly into Nassau International Airport, located in the Bahamas.  The best time to travel to the Bahamas would be from November to May. This will avoid the hurricane season and provide the warmest escape from your cold, northern winter weather.

Take time out now and plan your vacation.

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