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Enjoy Everything The City Has To Offer Through A Bristol Hotel

The city of Bristol is the gateway to the western region of the United Kingdom. This vibrant city has lots to offer vacationers, including a wealth of attractions and amenities. People who would like to arrange a room in a Bristol hotel will really be spoilt for choice, and there are options here to suit all budgets.

Although Bristol boasts a large number of exciting and modern attractions, the historic buildings here really steal the show. The best way to get a real feel for the city is by walking. Most hotels offer guests special walking tours, which cover all the most striking buildings.

People who have been bitten by the shopping bug will want to pay a visit to the Bristol Guild. This is the perfect place to pick up handicrafts such as items made from local blue glass. Travelers can also watch local artisans creating these products before they purchase them.

There are also plenty of other places where visitors can exercise their shopping muscle. Everything from chic boutiques to antiques can be found at Clifton Village. Visitors to this part of the world who are looking for a little evening entertainment are sure to be satisfied by all that Park Street has to offer.

People who have their own transportation will also be able to spend time exploring the area around the city. Driving through the enchanting Cheddar Gorge on a sunny day is an enchanting experience. The nearby city of Bath is also a popular day trip destination among visitors to this part of the globe.

Travelers who want to relax and unwind for a while are sure to discover that their choice of Bristol hotel has everything they need. Establishments are available to suit every budget. However, treating yourself to a few nights in one of the top end hotels is the perfect way to turn a fun trip into an unforgettable experience.

Whether you are traveling on vacation or for work, it’s important to reserve a hotel room well in advance. In recent years the United Kingdom has grown as a destination for business travelers and vacationers alike so hotel availability isn’t assured now. Thus if you’re searching for a Plymouth, Cardiff or Bristol hotel, then you should visit www.futureinns.co.uk to book a room and recieve a price guarantee.

Making Your Way To The Cardiff Hotel

You and your family have made to the airport safe and sound and now it is time to keep you and your family busy during those long hours on the plane ride to be on your way to the Cardiff hotel. It may be hard to keep everyone comfortable especially if you have younger kids who always have to be entertained to keep from screaming and crying.

If you are already planning a trip to London, you must have thought this through for a while because the air fare and money on food may take a lot out of your budget. Since you are really serious about taking your family on a trip like this, you could have set aside most of your money to prepare yourself for how much it is going to cost.

Keeping an eye on the weather in London would also be important because you need to know what to pack. You might not be sure how to find weather for that area unless you look it up online but if you cannot find anything it is a good idea to bring some summer and some winter clothes just so you are prepared.

Even though you are on your own in London your travel agent may have told you all sorts of places you can see and do that is within walking distance. If you want to go further out, then wait for a car or a bus to take you wherever you want to go.

Do not be afraid to walk around and do a quick search on what you want to do. The people at the front desk can also help you out by telling you the places you can walk to.

Planning your vacation to the Cardiff hotel may be stressful for you and your family because you have to make sure you are organized and ready to go but once you are there it would be time to relax and enjoy your trip.

Whether you are traveling on vacation or for work, it’s a good idea to book accommodation earlier than usual. As of late Great Britain’s popularity has greatly increased for both tourists and international business travellers and hotels tend to fill up quickly these days. So if you are looking for a Cardiff, Bristol or Plymouth hotel, visit www.futureinns.co.uk to make reservations and get a guaranteed best rate!

The Disaster of Exercise Tiger

Throughout the build up to the Allied invasion in Normandy in 1944, a terrific deal of preparation and organizing was required. Data was consistently being gained by a network of spies whilst materials and equipment were being brought to England. These would be vital all through and following what was and still is the largest invasion force ever assembled.

Preparation and practise was a significant part of the plans. Rangers who were to assault Point du Hoc properly trained by climbing cliffs and men made practice beach landings. An essential piece of the operation of secrecy and the locals of Great Britain were counted upon to play their part. In Devon, an area called Slapton Sands was picked as a good practice area due to the similarities with the Utah landing beach in Normandy.

Exercises for the landings began in late 1943 with the main invasion scheduled for June 1944. With 3,000 local people were evacuated from the region near Slapton Sands. Various exercises were organised and amongst the most significant was Operation Tiger with close to 30,000 men (approximately one third of the existing size of the British Army) were to be involved.

Exercise Tiger occurred in late April 1944. The first practice landings were carried out without any difficulties but throughout the exercise planned for the early hours of 28th April 1944, disaster struck. German E-Boats operating from Cherbourg intercepted a convoy of 8 LST (Landing ships). They aimed torpedoes at the LSTs and desperate men jumped into the freezing waters to get away the sinking ships. A good number of had not been taught how to put on their life vests and drowned.

In addition to the E-Boat attacks, more men died on the beaches themselves. The use of live ammunition had been authorised and in addition to the fatalities in the sea, there were further casualties by friendly fire as they strayed into the wrong sections of the beaches.

Overall in excess of 900 men were killed during Exercise Tiger and it was nearly forty years before the facts were made public. Ironically, only nearly 200 men died on Utah Beach during the real landings in Normandy on 6th June 1944. Today, a Sherman Tank is on display at Slapton Sands as a memorial to the men who died throughout Exercise Tiger.

The landings on 6th June 1944 at Normandy were made by the biggest invasion force the world had seen. Exercise Tiger had been part of the preparations for the invasion.

Getting The Best Bristol Hotel

When you are searching for a Bristol hotel to visit, use the internet to get a list of the top destinations. The internet is particularly convenient because it will save you lots of time making phone calls or querying around. You will be able to get different reviews online which should assist you make a decision.

Use the internet to collect all the information you need. Everything is now online and you can get information, advice and tips for selecting the best places for you to visit. You can easily visit the websites of the different destinations and find out if they offer the type of services you are after.

Check to search for the basic amenities and services available at the destination. Check to see if they have gyms, swimming pools or maybe saunas. Finding out this information prior to your visit ensures you select the best place which will be both attractive to you and get the best services.

You can consider using the services of a travel agent to get you a top destination. Their assistance is normally useful because they have several connections to different hotels, and this can enable them reduce rates for you especially during the peak season. Their advice is also useful because they will show you places to go and places to avoid.

Cost is an important factor when selecting a place to stay. Different destinations charge different rates for their rooms, their meals as well as their other services. It is important to find out if the rates are within your budget to avoid spending too much money in a particular place.

However, check to see that the Bristol hotel you select has a good record for eco-friendliness. This is important because it boosts the reputation of the hotel, thus ensuring you stay in a place which observes environmental conservation practices guarantees you will get good services there.

No matter if you’re going on vacation or for work, it’s a good idea to book accommodation well in advance. In recent years the United Kingdom has grown as a destination for both tourists and international business travellers so hotel availability isn’t assured these days. So if you are looking for a Bristol, Plymouth or Cardiff hotel, visit www.futureinns.co.uk to make reservations and get a guaranteed best rate!

Consider A Bristol Hotel For Future Vacations

Stay at a Bristol hotel that is situated right in the city center or one on the that is just on the outskirts of town. All of them place visitors close to numerous attractions such as shopping centers and natural wonders. Take kids to the zoo or go to the theater. Bath is just a short drive away, with its Roman ruins and interesting architecture.

Every guest has a budget to work with when he takes a vacation. Many visitors will be grateful to find a hotel that offers economical packages or family-friendly lodging. Sometimes, accommodation is interesting simply because the building is centuries-old, while other structures are modern and feature pools or fitness rooms. One of the hotels even has its own jogging track.

Guests with children might choose to explore the local Zoo with its exotic animals. The cathedral is stunning, while the town itself offers plenty of opportunities for tea and souvenir shopping. Choose from the hotels that provide play rooms for children and connecting rooms for large families.

Business clients come to this area to take part in meetings and conferences. There is an event center nearby, as well as major corporations such as banks and technology companies. If your event will take place at a meeting room within a hotel, book your accommodation there.

If a company or wedding host is paying to bring people into town, it will save him money to put all of them in one location. Group bookings often earn clients a discount. Meanwhile, hosting their event in the hotel will also prevent guests from navigating the busy streets of an unfamiliar city. Customers might want to employ the services of a hotel event planner to look after the many details of a convention or a wedding.

While families are seeking economical rooms, a few guests looking for a Bristol hotel want to experience luxury. These visitors will find a handful of suitable places in town where the interior design is contemporary and the atmosphere is romantic. Couples might want to book romantic packages at one of these locations where they can sip sparkling wine and dine on gourmet food while celebrating their anniversary.

A savvy tourist recognizes the necessity of reserving quality accommodation. Once you’ve arrived, a good night of rest is essential to having a positive travel experience, whether for work or holiday. So if you’re searching for the best Bristol hotels then try Future Inns. They offer modern, stylish rooms along with excellent customer service and price-guaranteed rates.

Get Campervan Hire UK | Motorhome Hire UK – Makes For An Amazing Travel Adventure

For both visitors from other nations, and those who live in the United Kingdom, but feel it to be an unknown county, journeying is a really good idea for those looking to see as much as possible of the one-of-a-kind brilliance of the United Kingdom. A trip using a UK camper hire makes impeccable sense.

Because the UK expanses across a huge area and a multitude of landscapes, using public, or private, forms of transport seem improbable to make your trip a success – the living expenditure would be extravagant, in addition to the travel money.

But renting a campervan via Getaway Campers could actually save you much time, cash and trouble – and make your trip a real joy. But you would not only be saving on money – you’d be stepping out on a grand adventure, with you at the reins.

When it comes to where to put up for the night, a camping site will never be remote – the British adore their camping, and there is sure to be one within a couple of minutes drive of where ever your trip takes you. Typically, camp sites have washing facilities, showers, access to electricity and maybe even a swimming pool.

But why stick to the camping site – you can just as conveniently pull up at an amazing place, and settle in for the night. Just utilize the campervan’s cooking facilities, and a nice British cup of tea can be yours in almost immediately. Then just sit back and take in the landscape – for lunch, dinner, or the evening – the pick is yours.

So you won’t skip a thing; you’ll get to take-in the moors and hills, woods and forests, villages and momentous towns at their best, all without distressing about where you will be residing. Hire a campervan hire UK from Getaway Campers and your UK tour will be seriously magical getuaw011110.

When you want to do something unique for your next holiday, think about a Campervan Hire UK. When you choose a Campervan Hire UK, you’re free to wander and see sights you’d otherwise not see.

Road Transport: France And Germany Reconsider The Bicycle.

France and Germany have been linked to road transport, since the invention of the car. However, with the development of environmental issues like climate change and peak oil, road transport is undergoing a change. Sustainable road use is now being considered seriously by transport planners. As bicycle usage continues to grow, planners have to develop the infrastructure to support cyclists.

Since the late nineteenth century, both France and Germany have been involved in road transport. To enable their road transport to develop, both countries built large, high quality road networks. This allowed French and German drivers, to driver further and faster, and encouraged car use to expand throughout both countries.

In the sixties, when the environmental movement started, environmentalists were considered as radicals and trouble-makers. Now, environmental issues are a daily concern. Governments are starting to legislate in favor of the environment, and to spend vast amounts of money to alleviate the environmental concerns of our time. As much as governments legislate for the environment, change will only occur when the general public decides to act.

Oil demand is continuing to rise, even though society is awareness of environmental issues. It has been estimated that the production peak of all the known oil reserves has passed, and that oil production is declining. In an attempt to maintain the supply of oil to society at large, oil exploration companies are attempting to exploit hard to reach oil reserves. When these inaccessible sites develop a problem, it is extremely difficult to repair the site, and to stop any environmental damage from occurring. As concerned consumers, aware of the damage being done to the environment, it would be a positive choice, to switch to alternative fuel and transport.

Some French and German cities, are now looking at alternatives to oil based transport, and are encouraging bicycle use by the public. Bicycles are now being considered by transport planners, to enable a safer and more environmental area for cyclists. These cities are building bicycle lanes and bicycle parking facilities in town centers, to encourage every day bicycle use. To encourage riding for short trips, bicycle hire schemes are being established.

By continuing into the future, with same attitudes to the environment, oil use and transport, society will be facing higher prices for everything, and continued climate change. For a sustainable future, consumers need to examine their choices, and consider if there could be a better way.

When society switches to alternatives that are environmentally sustainable, the effects of climate change can be reduced. Road transport in France and Germany now includes bicycles, along with cars, trucks and buses.

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No Snow? You Can Still Ski!

Even if snow hasn’t fallen in months, or you live in a mild climate, modern technology has made it perfectly possible to ski whenever the fancy takes you. Dry ski slopes covered with simulated snow or indoor slopes inside refrigerated buildings give those diehard skiers an alternative when the season is blighted with less than adequate snowfall or they simply do not live close enough to the slopes to take advantage.

The latest improvements to dry-slope technology prevents the kind of damage to skis that used to be a problem. It is also much safer for skiers should they fall on the slopes. Refrigerated indoor slopes benefit from the use of the same types of snowmaking machines used at ski resorts.

In the UK, dry ski slopes can be found in Scotland at the Midlothian Ski Centre near the capital, Edinburgh. This centre has a chair lift and five levels of slopes ranging from beginner to expert. In Ayrshire, the Newmilns Snow and Sports Complex is in the process of expanding their dry skiing facilities with a 2.9 million upgrade. The lack of adequate snow coverage and altitude means there is a wide selection of slopes to be found at other centres throughout England and in Wales.

In France, SnowHall in Amnville-les-Thermes in the Lorraine region was the first to have indoor ski facilities. At 620 metres long and 35 metres wide, the slope is maintained at a temperature of between -2C and -3 C. There is even a special area for children under age 12 can ski.

Snowtropolis Snow Dome in Germany is about an hour outside of Dresden and has indoor skiing and snowboarding suitable for skiers of different levels. Snowboarders will not be bored with the slope’s rails, kickers, and sliders.

So, even if you live hundreds of miles away from the nearest real ski resorts, you can still enjoy snowboarding, skiing and tubing whatever the weather!

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Exploring The Benefits Of Cruising From Britain

Cruising has never been more popular for travelers from all walks of life. When a hotel has incredible dining, a wide range of entertainment and a luxury setting, all while taking you to a new destination every morning, it’s hard to resist. Cruise ships reach to almost anywhere and people all over the world are discovering the benefits of cruising from the UK.

There are many destinations and itineraries within the British Isles themselves. Cruising around and visiting each country for highlights and an overall taste of the area is popular. Travelers can experience historical sights, majestic landscapes and intriguing cultures without ever leaving the United Kingdom. But that isn’t the only option.

Cruises from the United Kingdom go all over, from across the Atlantic and down into the Mediterranean, the centralized location of the Great Britain can’t be beat. Many different cruise lines depart from Dover and others use London or another port nearby. Northern itineraries may leave out of a port close by Edinburgh. Check out the vast selection of destinations leaving from the UK.

Travelers find it easy to get to and from UK cities, more so than on mainland Europe. Almost all of the major airlines serve airports in Britain, Scotland and Ireland, making it easy for people across the globe to fly in. Extensive flight selection is one of the benefits of cruising from the UK. Reasonable prices, convenient times and good service are all features of British based departure ports.

Getting around the port cities of the British Isles is also easy. English is one of the most widely understood languages and that makes communication better. Travel by train quickly across the area, with efficient and inexpensive fares that will get you to the port and back to the airport on time.

Travelers have a wide selection of options and can easily research online for cruises and destinations. Wherever they are headed, they are sure to profit from the benefits of cruising from the UK.

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Exciting New Experiences Of Coach Holidays In Scotland

Sometimes life gets too much and it is time to get away somewhere nice. Many types of people take coach trips all over the Country. Coach holidays in Scotland are a wonderful experience that can take you away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Aberdeen is just one place to visit when in Scotland. It is known for its shops and is a fantastic place to go when the sales are on.

Surrounded in miles of beautiful beaches, Aberdeen is just one area of Scotland to explore. Many families enjoy summer days on the beaches in Inverness whilst others take in the scenery. Aberdeen offers the most wonderful place where people can unwind and relax. If you need a break that offers something different then you will find Scotland just the place.

If you like to return to childhood and enjoy fast, white knuckle rides then you will love the fair in Aberdeen. There is plenty of time to enjoy outdoor pursuits as well. Each area of Scotland is lush with settings that are tranquil. Aberdeen is a great place to take the family.

It is the perfect place to explore and take in the sights or try your hand at climbing, canoeing or kayaking. Perhaps you fancy taking the coach to Edinburgh where there is the Edinburgh festival. Edinburgh is an exciting place where there is always something going on. No matter what your interests are; books, science, drama, arts, poetry and more.

With so much culture there will never be the time to be bored. There are many lovely places to dine and wine in Edinburgh. Inverness is north of Scotland with amazing countryside. The place is gorgeous surrounded in natural beauty where you can go hiking and take in the sights. If you love the countryside then you will definitely love Inverness.

The Highlands of Scotland are particularly special and many people come just to take in the scenery. There is so much to see and do in Scotland that you will be spoilt for choice. Some people enjoy various elements of Scottish holidays. Someone might try something new, like a new type of sports pursuit. Others might like to go and see a show in the many theatres around Scotland.

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Tax Free Shopping Can Be Fun And Profitable

Being able to purchase things you need is wonderful especially if you can do it while tax free shopping. This opportunity does not come around all the time but there are specific times and places that you can take advantage of this kind of shopping. When you find the chance, take full advantage of it.

The tax list is long, comprising things like sales, retail, good or services, value and consumption taxes. All of these bring in significant revenue for the states or locations.

Europe offers more than just scenery, history and good food. It gives you the chance to buy things you cannot get at home. Even better when purchasing items for yourself you do not have to pay tax on them. However, you need to keep track of what you spend with your receipts. Getting amazing deals on items from other countries is an wonderful perk to travel.

The goods you purchase must be for personal use. Keep the receipts to prove the purchases and the paid taxes. When you arrive home you need to have a stamp from customs. Then the refund will be issued.

In the United States there are a few states that have no sales tax. In Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon you do not have to pay a sales tax on items you purchase. However, there are specific taxes on items like cigarettes, gas, alcohol, and meats.

In 1996 New York decided to up consumerism by bringing the idea of no taxes to shopping for a particular amount of time. It has turned into a tax free two day event which is usually held from Friday to Sunday. Thirteen other states have joined in and they usually plan the event for high traffic shopping days like back to school or holiday season.

If you choose to take advantage of a tax free weekends it is smart to know what you want to buy. With the opportunity not to have to pay extra in the taxes you can often spend more than you had planned to. Also make sure to check several stores to see if you can find the best price. Bring coupons with you to make sure that you are receiving the correct deal. Also put aside what you plan to spend and do not go over that.

Having the opportunity to do some tax free shopping is not an event that happens very often or in very many places. But when you do get the chance, take advantage of it and reap the benefits and save the funds.

Tax free shopping is a privilege that only those visiting the UK from outside the EU can take advantage of. It’s a very straight forward process to get the tax that you will have paid on your purchased items and so tax free shopping is really very easy.

How To Get A UK Visitor’s Visa For A Thai.

Applying for and obtaining a UK visitor’s visa for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is very stressful, especially the first time. It is also harder for some people to get in than others. Unfortunately, here as elsewhere, money counts and people from poorer countries have to provide evidence that they will not be a burden on the state. This applies to Thais It may appear that the embassy staff are against you at times. This is not true, they are doing their jobs: they are looking out for the interests of the British people and it would benefit you not to get personal with them.

Please remember that if you are successful in obtaining a UK visitor’s visa in Bangkok, it is valid for multiple entries into the UK over a period of six months. However, the embassy is loathe to give a UK visitor’s visa to a Thai the first time round as they know that not many Thais could afford to stay there that long without working. So you will be asked to state when you will arrive and when you will leave. You have to sign this note and it will be stapled into your passport. You must aide by this self-inflicted limitation, although your visa is sill nominally good for six months.

The visa also expressly forbids the Thai applicant access to any ‘social benefits’ such as social security, health care or pension rights. Be aware that many/most Thai applicants are refused their first attempt, because their submission is ‘half-hearted’. If the stated reason is, say, to visit a friend or lover, the you really need to prove an on-going, long-term relationship of at least six months with your partner.

I will concentrate on providing evidence of a continuing relationship. Most applicants from Thailand will need a sponsor. This is usually an employer or a lover. Obviously, immigration stamps in a passport can prove how long it is possible that a couple could have known each other, but you will need more evidence than that. A letter from a friend, employer or relative stating when you met can help. However, you should keep all correspondence, telephone bills, bank statements (recordings of ATM transactions), restaurant receipts, theatre tickets, train and bus tickets, even menus and photos. In fact, anything that can help establish that you are having the relationship that you claim you are having and that you have had it for at least six months.

After collecting the proof, it is time to get the Uk visitor’s visa application form (VAF) from the embassy in Wireless Road, Bangkok or its website (Google it). Their website is very useful actually; especially for detailing what you should enclose and how much the fee is (about 75 these days). don’t forget the sponsor’s letter.

So the sponsor is very important here. It is really up to your sponsor whether you get your first UK visitor’s visa at the first attempt. He has to guarantee that he will take care of you and provide you with somewhere to stay and the embassy staff will have to be convinced that he is up the job.

Your sponsor will have to prove that he has sufficient funds to support you. This can be a letter from his employer or a letter from his bank. If he has offered you accomodation, he must prove that he has somewhere for you to stay. A lease, letter from the mortgage provider or from the council will suffice. Marriage or divorce does not seem to be an issue for rejection, but some seemingly weird things are:

“the applicant for a UK visitor’s visa has not been outside Thailand before ” a piece of cake, eh? Just fly down to Malaysia for a short vacation to break in her new passport.

“the person applying for a UK visitor’s visa does not seem to have strong socio-economic ties to Thailand” or, in other words, they don’t trust you to return to your country. A letter from your boss, doctor, solicitor or village elder; proof of children or living parents; proof of property are all useful.

Do not be tempted to hurry the application for a UK visitor’s visa. Ensure that you have a ‘valid reason’ for wanting to go to the UK and remember it; ensure that you can prove everything that you say. Pretend for the day of the interview for a UK visitor’s visa that you are a lawyer and provide solid, written proof.

Run through your story until you have it well-rehearsed (they will not want to see the sponsor and sometimes, he is not even allowed to wait on the embassy compound). The applicant for a UK visitor’s visa will be required to attend an interview the first time and this can be held in English or Thai. The UK visitor’s visa will normally be available for collection the next day.

Hint: apply for more time than you need as the UK visitor’s visa runs from the day it is granted, but you may not be able to get a flight out of Suvarnabhum straight away. You will probably also be required to return to the Bangkok embassy when you arrive back to have the UK visitor’s visa cancelled; after all, it is a multiple entry, 180-day visa that could be used to return to the UK without the sponsor’s knowledge, so try not to arrive back on a Friday unless you want a holiday in Thailand’s capital city.

The best advice you’ll ever get is: don’t lie in the embassy. The staff are trained to spot liars and you will be refused a UK visitor’s visa point blank.

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Things You Should Know About Tax Free Shopping

A lot of people are suffering financially right now and they are looking for ways to save money. One way to save money that you may not have considered is taking advantage of tax free shopping sales and offers.

There are many foreign countries that offer Value Added Tax savings so if you are going to be traveling internationally, be sure to check and see if that country participates in such a program. You should be able to go online and find all the information that you will need to know about another countries policy on tax free shopping.

Some states within the United States, such as Louisianna and parts of Texas, will refund sales tax paid to international visitors. There are some restrictions so you will need to find out from the state what they are and how you can get your refund.

Some states do not have a sales tax at all so you can shop tax free there anytime. Delaware and New Hampshire are two examples of states with no sales tax. If you live close to a tax free state and have a lot of shopping to do, bit may be worth it to travel a little way to save a lot.

Many states hold an annual tax free holiday. These are usually held in late summer right before school starts. Not everything is tax free so you need to know what items you can buy that will qualify. Usually, you can purchase back to school supplies, clothes, computers and other items. Not all states hold these sales at the same time, so if you live near the border of another state, be sure to watch for their tax free holiday sales as well. And if the sales are held at the same time, sometimes eligible items will vary from state to state so check your neighboring states list to see if they have an item you need that your state does not.

Before you head out to shop, prepare a list of what things you are wanting to purchase. Check your states list against your own and know which items will be eligible to be purchased tax free. Also look at the weekly store ads. You will usually find that stores will have items that qualify on sale, which can save you even more money! You may also find really low prices on items such as computers so that they will qualify as a tax free purchase. These items will go quickly and usually when they are gone, they are gone. If you are shopping for an item such as this, be sure to go to that store first so that you won’t be disappointed later if the item is sold out. To save yourself time, make a list of what stores you want to visit and put them in the order you want to go.

You may have to spend some time doing some planning and researching before you head off on your vacation or shopping trip. However, the time spent could very well be worth it when it helps you save a lot of money. And saving money these days is a good thing!

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Tax-Free Shopping For Non-EU Residents Is As Simple As Keeping Your Receipts

When traveling abroad there is that small thrill felt when passing by the duty-free store tucked into various international airports selling all manner of goods including perfumes, alcohol, and chocolates for purchase sans sales tax. With the every day reality of paying taxes, the moment a consumer can free themselves from it, the more attractive the shopping item becomes. Beyond the already tax-free shops, when traveling into the European Union (EU) from a non-EU country, tax-free shopping as a non-EU resident is possible by reclaiming taxes on a number of retail goods.

What consumers know in the United States as sales tax, the European Union classifies as value added tax, or VAT. When traveling abroad with the EU, VAT will become a familiar percentage added to all purchased goods. Member countries within the EU are not able to reclaim any VAT on their purchases unless they are to be sent out to non-EU countries.

Paying tax (EU-VAT) on all goods purchased when abroad in the EU is mandatory, but non-EU residents by law are allowed to instigate the refund process on return to their native countries. The amount of EU-VAT will vary from country to country much like the variety found state-by-state in America.

Saving all receipts and stopping at customs before leaving an EU country to obtain an export validation stamp is the bulk of work that needs to be completed by the consumer. Once all receipts and stamps are collecting, working with an established company to refund EU-VAT is a simple process.

A number of companies are available for utilization in making the refunded of EU-VAT a simple transaction requiring only that the consumer collect and save all receipts on good purchased in EU countries and visit customs before leaving the EU to collect an export validation stamp.

Minus the purchase of books and clothes for children, which are exempt for VAT, any minute item cannot be claimed in search of a VAT-refund. Minimum purchase requirements must be met to obtain a proper refund and each EU country has its own VAT-refund percentage.

One company, Premier Tax Free, is partnered with over 75,000 worldwide retailers. With the company’s technical expertise, dealing with international retailers will be free of the red-tape and hassle of tax free shopping for non-EU residents. Receipts, provided by you, are sent back to retailers in the effort of requesting a VAT refund.

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Get Your Tax Free Shopping Trip Right

All over the US at certain times of the year states will offer shoppers the chance to buy goods and not pay tax on them. As well as many goods being tax free stores will also offer other incentives for people to spend. If you want to get the most from tax free shopping take a look at how to do it.

To start with ensure you are clear which products are tax free. Not all of the products in a store will be tax free so do your home work first. There is also a limit as to how much you can spend on certain things, so find this out before you shop.

Make the most of your time before the sale to compare the price of products you are interested in. Some goods are cheaper online, so make sure you take a look online.

Make a list of the things that you want to buy. Otherwise you could find that you spend more money than you can afford. It is so tempting to go a little crazy when you see so many bargains, but this can lead to over spending. Make a list and stick to it and you will not be out of pocket.

Take advantage of the extended hours that many stores offer. This means that you can avoid some of the larger queues at the checkouts when you go shopping. So if you can get to the store early in the morning or late at night do it and cut down on the time you have spent shopping.

These tax free shopping tips are perfect for anyone who wants to get the most from tax free shopping days. Knowing how to shop smart means that you will be head and shoulders above the rest of the crowds and bag the best deals.

Head out for that VAT free shopping. With the tax free shopping times it’s a wonderful way to be able to save money. So enjoy those times and discover when they happen by heading online.

Thailand: My First Night in Pattaya

It was seven-ish and I was sitting in a nice-enough room overlooking the front entrance to the pub above which I had just moved in. The pub was the Pig and Whistle on Soi 7 in Pattaya. Across the lane was a big hole, which they were hoping to build a hotel in and next door to that, right opposite me, was a small bar with one lady sitting on a stool outside it. Not that there was a wall there, it was open on two sides. The Soi was nice and quiet, I thought. I also thought that I might go and sit in that little bar and talk to that lady, if my friend was late, because I would surely see him arrive from two metres away, the width of the Soi.

So, I went to the bar in the pub at 19:15 to await my friend who said he would meet me at 20:00. It was much busier than thirty minutes earlier but not noisy and I sat at the bar. The first thing a barmaid did was say hello, give me a menu and step back. I did not really want to eat, I only wanted a beer as I presumed we would be dining together later, but I wanted to read the menu anyway.

‘A pint of Boddington’s’, I said. It arrived and the girl started laying a place for me. I tried to say that I was not hungry, but it was no good. Like in Spain, most people eat and drink at the same time. All the while the girl was smiling at me. Then she said: ‘You live upstairs? My name Charli. What you want to eat?’. So, I gave in and ordered something and rice.

‘You first time in Thailand? You no can eat. Too spicy’, she said with a grin. ‘Oh’, I replied, ‘but I want to try. ‘I put only 50-50 for you’, she declared and was gone.

I battled my way through that meal and it took a Boddingtons and a bottle of water. Charli had been right, it was too hot for first-time foreign visitors and she had reduced the chilis by 50%. I have always listened to a Thai’s guidance on food ever since.

I changed seat to by the window to see what was going on as it was dark by 19:30 and I was curious. Within thirty minutes Soi 7 had transformed itself completely. I could see hundreds of ladies and tourists walking about. I wanted to go out and join in or at least sit in the quiet bar across the lane, but I’m ashamed to say that I was too frightened, so I sat put, rivetted to the Pig like a rabbit in a hunter’s flashlight.

My friend arrived on time and after we had been chatting for an hour, he said: ‘Drink up, I have someone I want you to meet’. This was it, we were going into that mele. A waitress held the door for us and the noise and the heat were tremendous. Especially the noise. Every metre at least two or three girls would yell: ‘Hello, sexy man, you want a drink’. Trying to say no courteously to each call was impractical, so I just stuck close to my pal.

Fortunately, we only had about fifty metres to walk and we sat down in another bar. My friend said hello to several ladies and then said, this a girl I have been going out with for some time. I was astounded as I had never heard him talk about her, ever. She was gorgeous, but could not speak English, so I sat in the din in silence. Not for long through, as my friend said, I have a blind date for you and he introduced another girl to me who was equally beautiful, but with whom I could speak a little. She was captivating and I was captivated. The pandemonium seemed to pass away, but it was only because I was listening to my new friend. The four of us had the best time and the best food I had ever had in my forty-nine years of existence.

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Shopping Smart With Tax Free Shopping

If you are a knowledgeable consumer, you’ll know that shopping smart with tax free shopping is the way to go. For Americans, they don’t even have to leave your country. For example, any resident of the United States is able to shop and saving the sales tax. If they are visiting certain states that are exempt from these taxes.

In these cases, many of the merchants often advertise to their neighboring states about these deals that they can benefit from. So, vacationers can not only get away and enjoy themselves, they can also purchase various items that would be much less expensive than if they did so in their own state, which would require them to pay the taxes.

Even though these items to include some form of tax that is already in the final price, you would still be saving lots of money as sales taxes can really increase the price of any item.

Worldwide, international visitors to almost all countries are offered the opportunity to purchase items at their duty free shops, be it at the international airports or at ground borders. Here, people can benefit from buying anything from designer handbags and sunglasses, perfume, alcohol and tobacco and practically anything else you can think of.

The savings at these points of sales are incredible, when compared to the price you would have to pay for the same item in a retail store. The only downside to this is the fact that there are limitations and guidelines. For example, depending on the country you live in, you are only allowed to purchase a couple of bottles of alcohol or a certain amount of cigars.

But, if you are on the road a lot, you can really make the most by holding off on your purchases until you are given the opportunity to shop at the duty-free shop instead of a regular store.

When you’re traveling internationally, you can get some great deals with Tax Free Shopping. Make sure to visit duty free shops when you travel to the UK. Learn more about UK Tax Free Refund now before your next trip!

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Thailand – How I First Came Here

I first arrived in Thailand in 2004 and I arrived here more of less by accident. I had travelled a lot in Europe: Russia, Western Europe, Scandinavia, North Africa and north South America, but I had never found the time to travel to Asia.

One night, I was chatting to a friend who had travelled extensively throughout the world and he was telling me about his favourite country, to where he had been returning year after year for fourteen years. Knowing the man’s experience as a traveller, I was very taken aback to hear that he had been choosing to go to the same location in Asia for fourteen years.

I just had to ask him which part of huge Asia held such an attraction for him and he said Thailand. I knew next to nothing about Thailand, except that I had had a few meals at a near-by Thai restaurant over the years. I also knew from collecting stamps as a kid that it used to be called Siam. Anyway, my friend asked me if I’d like to go. I answered that I would ‘one day’ and meant it.

He startled me by stating that he was going to Thailand for a month soon and that I was welcome to go with him, if I wanted. I answered that I had a few jazz festivals to go to soon and maybe I would, if there was at least a month between them and if I could get a flight and if… I could hear myself putting him off, but I did not understand why I was delaying.

A few hours later, I went home and being an avid Internet surfer, I checked out a bit about Thailand on the travel brochure sites. It looked truly fantastic. The prices were good too except for the flights. Hotels were cheap to reasonable and food and drinks prices were insignificant compared to where I lived. So, I checked the dates of the two Jazz festivals and they were thirty-three days apart. Now for the flight. I spent well into the next morning checking flights and found one for the day after the first festival leaving from our local airport. It was far from the cheapest flight, but it gave me more time.

In a reckless moment I booked it there and then online. I then found an inn with rooms to let online that my friend had said he went to on quiz evenings and guessed that they would be open by now serving breakfasts. I sent them an email and a response came back twenty minutes later. I had been lucky again. The boss was in the middle of checking yesterday’s figures, when he saw my email come through. However, not sure of his Internet ability, he asked me to phone him right away. I checked my watch, it was still 4AM so I phoned.

He took my booking on trust and so I did not have to make a payment. I had heard about Thailand, made up my mind to go and booked the flight and room all within five hours and I could not wait for nine o’clock to come to inform my friend that I would be going too.

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Tax Free Shopping In London

If you are a citizen of a country that is not in the European Union and you are visiting the UK, then there will shops available for you to make purchases in, and then claim the tax back on those purchases. This service is offered by many shops all over the city.

The VAT is around 15% in UK and to claim back the amount that you have paid as tax you have to make a purchase for a minimum price that is fixed by the store. If you are a resident from outside the UK, you can reclaim the tax you have paid if you have spent a minimum of thirty pounds. And you should also get a Customs stamp on the final departure from the airport in order for you to claim your tax refund without hassle.

Coming to the UK to shop have never been more opportunistic because you can now claim the tax back on all of your purchases. This luxury is available to people who are from outside the UK who are in the UK as tourists and is one of the few benefits that you can enjoy that the residents don’t get to. If you plan to bring your purchases home with you then you can ask the staff in the tax free store for a refund cheque while you are paying for your purchases.

When you show your purchases to the officer at customs in the airport, you should get them stamped and this will then qualify you to visit a tax refund office when you get back to your country of origin (there will usually be one in the airport) and claim you paid tax back. This refund will usually be paid either to a credit card or straight into a bank account, however you can also choose to receive it in cash. There may be variations of this tax free shopping scheme depending on exactly where you go so it is worth looking into before your trip so that you can take full advantage of it.

There are many shops all over London that display the “tax free” logo outside, so when you next find yourself in the UK, you should hunt some down, it will be well worth it!

For more information on tax free shopping London UK visit gbtaxfree.com by clicking on airport VAT refund

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How To Claim A VAT Tax Refund

In the UK and a few surrounding countries, there are many tax free shops and anyone who is visiting from outside the EU is entitled to shop there. Some shops display the tax free goods logo outside to let you know that they take part in this scheme. To be eligible for this tax discount you must be a resident of a country outside the EU. And that is basically the reason why people from outside the European Union love coming to the UK to save money on shopping.

The minimum amount that you have to spend to qualify for the tax varies from shop to shop and country to country. When the purchase is complete you will have to bring proof of the purchase to the Customs office when leaving the country and get it stamped. Once your tax-free cheque is approved and stamped there are many ways in which you can claim your refund. Many people choose to have their tax refund credited to their credit card or sent straight to their bank account.

It has never before been so full of saving opportunity for people from another continent to come and shop in the UK, and so if you are from outside the EU and you intend to visit the UK, you should make sure that you have enough room in your luggage to store any goods you buy in tax free stores separately from the rest of your purchases.

Tax free shopping in the UK couldn’t be simpler. When paying for your items in the tax-free shop, you simply ask for a tax refund cheque, and then when you are on your way out of the country, get the cheque stamped by the customs officer and then in your destination airport, there will be a tax refund office where you should display your stamped refund cheque, along with your passport and credit card to get he amount credited back into your account.

The tax free shopping facility is available at many stores for tourists from various countries so that they can shop across the world in a store of their liking and interest. You may not enjoy the same benefit if you are a resident of the place. This tax free shopping is a facility or a privilege only the visitors to the countries can enjoy and save a lot of money on goods when they are travelling abroad.

For more information on tax free shopping London UK visit gbtaxfree.com by clicking on airport VAT refund