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Treasures Of The Caribbean Still To Be Found

The seas of the world are documented to varying degrees. Some bodies of water are so hard to reach that we don’t know for certain what is in them.

Technology has come on in strides over the last century, yet we’ve only descended into the Mariana trench a handful of times to see what we could find. The endless possibilities of our deepest, most expansive oceans makes the familiar and beautiful seem strangely mundane: there’s a ‘been there, done that’ attitude to many more famous seas.

One area of the world’s oceans that has long been easily accessible is the Caribbean Sea. Take Antigua holidays 2012 and you’ll see this for yourself. It’s almost literally child’s play: you can snorkel you way along the shores.

Everything is swell down here – the sea is no especially deep even at its deepest point, and the waters are clear and easy to see in. It’s not the kind of place you’d expect a researcher to have any kind of meaningful discovery in. Yet, this year, Carole Baldwin found six entirely new species of fish.

Doubt the discovery? Baldwin has the DNA proof to back her claims up. So welcome the ‘Banded basslet’, ‘scorpion fish’, ‘goby’ and ‘sea robin’ into the world of biology. They represent a significant find, each fish different in shape and size. The ‘Deep Sea Toad Fish’ is the lest attractive looking of the bunch, but still doubtlessly fascinating.

In a way, the find puts the entire region into perspective. Not that we’re suddenly going to discover new islands in the Caribbean, but the scope for a general sense of discovery is there.

The Caribbean is no longer simply about destinations like those we find on our Barbados Holidays (it never really was). There are countless Caribbean islands that don’t get an appropriate share of the tourist dollar, and you haven’t been to have brilliant street in every brilliant town.

There are so many aspects of the Caribbean experiences that we let slip through our fingers. Why only visit in the summertime? Festivals and great cultural events happen all year round. And when we talk about ‘the Caribbean’ as a single entity, we often ignore that there’s a lot of diversity and interest in the various islands that we will never quite discover for ourselves. So let’s get out there and try to grab some of it!

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Grape Varieties Used To Create Wine

When people think of grapes, the thought of wine is never far behind. This is because wine making generally involve grapes. Wine has been around for a long time and is probably the most loved alcoholic drink.

Superior red wine is made from Shiraz or Syrah grapes, a variety of select grapes grown worldwide. As grapes may vary from region to region, so can the types of wine derived from these grapes differ in color and quality.

While other wine manufacturers have tried making wine from different fruits, most still use grapes to make their wines. This is true because grapes need less sugar and less flavorings when they are processed to make wine.

The alcohol content of wine is the metabolic product of yeast in wine making. Grapes are generally sugary to begin with so makes of wine just need to add yeast to ferment it.

Syrah grapes have high sugar content. Wine producers that use this type of grapes make sure that they pick the grapes at the right time which is essential in producing quality wines.

The pigment on the skin of the ripe Shiraz grapes gives its wine the rich red color. The grapes are pressed with the skin and seeds intact. Extracting the juice from the gathered grapes is the next step in wine making.

The next step is to combine yeast to ferment it. The mixture is placed in vats at this time and allowed to mature. Select wines are then aged in oak barrels. Oak barrels are said to add more character to wine.

The last step before this premium wine is sold to the market is done. After some time in the oak vessels, the wine is transferred to individual wine bottles and allowed to mature some more. Then labeling and final packaging is done then these wine bottles are off to be tasted by the world.

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Early Science in Mexico – Olmec

To be clear, the earliest advancements in science, mathematics, writing and even sport were achieved by the Olmec civilization that resided in areas now a part of Mexico. Since this pre-Columbian nation undoubtedly has diluted blood ties to those indigenous peoples still living in Mexico, we can safely say this discussion about early science does still apply to Mexico as we now know it.

The Olmec preceded the Mayan and Aztec nations, contrary to popular Western beliefs. They lived in the lowlands of Mexico, what is now Veracruz. One of the most famous and iconic representations of the Olmec are the colossal heads. They are thought to represent rulers of the Olmec civilization, helmeted and outfitted for the Mesoamerican ballgame so common for that era. The largest colossal head found to date is estimated to weigh 50 tonnes. However, in terms of science, it is the numeric achievements most interesting to us now. Through the discovery of Olmec calendars it has become clear that a profound sense of mathematics is needed to not only decipher them, but of course compose them as well. In this light, it became clear to historians the Olmec were the first to realize the existence of zero.

There is evidence the Olmec peoples practiced ritual bloodletting and human sacrifices. There is no written proof, however there have been several tools found known to be used for the practice in other cultures very similar to the Olmec. The same is true for human sacrifice, but skeletal remains do exist in places of offering. Some may assume bloodletting and sacrifice do not relate to scientific advancement. Then again, consider the need for observing and exploring the human body in order to carry out such practices. No doubt the Olmec studied the flesh to verify proper bloodletting procedures. In our modern minds we view these as archaic, even cruel, rituals. But 600 BCE it was a method of medical healing combined with deeply religious ritual. Simply put, it was a different time.

In 2002 a discovery of speech scrolls and carvings was made in the area of San Andres. Many in the archaeological world assumed the artifacts were more of the same items previously found and identified as Mayan. It was eventually determined these writings were not Mayan or even Aztec. They were from a much earlier civilization, the Olmec. This incredible find meant the Olmec were the first people to have an organized system of writing. There will always be sceptics when a new discovery is made, but one fact is clear: the scrolls are a clear indication of at least a transitional script between earlier Olmec writings and Mayan ones.

Early science in Mexico is not as simple as a first discovery or a first experiment. In fact, according to some historians, early science in Mexico existed before any other on earth. There is certainly no statement of that here, however we will say that Mexico and its regional history is certainly ripe with scientific intrigue.

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Early Science in Mexico – Maya

The Mayan civilization is often credited as being the first people to use a writing system, realise the concept of zero, use a calendar, understand astronomy and complete pyramidal architecture. For most of these cases the assumption is true. In the case of zero and a system of writing, it was the Olmec nation before the Maya that passed began the use of those concepts. Now let us explore the accomplishments of the Mayan people.

The most famous and obvious accomplishment of the Maya was of course structural engineering. Construction of colossal pyramids as palaces and temples with nothing but the hands of the people was indeed a monumental accomplishment repeated again and again. The architectural aspect was simple, which was fine because the structural aspect was far from simple. Hundreds of cities were built on a grandiose scale, each with their own palace, temples, urban dwellings and terraced gardens. The science of civil planning was, in a sense, perfected by the Maya.

Amid the building activities of the Maya were the scholarly groups who developed a complicated system of hieroglyphic writing. Although it was not the first, it was certainly the most advanced. Artistic renderings of military victories, royal genealogical records and spiritual rituals were commonplace. The experimentation and insight needed to create these masterpieces certainly demanded an element of science. For example, they made use of the natural elements at hand in a way that could communicate to present and future generations. Berries and soil became colours of paint and ink. Ashes, bark and animal hides became pencil and paper. Bones and sharp stones carved into rock to create eternal images we still see today.

Another aspect of Mayan science at work is in agriculture. Their recognition and development of maize as a base crop and food source is largely responsible for the survival of the civilisation. While the Aztec nations were the first to introduce the use of step gardens near urban dwellings and a highly developed configuration of irrigation, the Maya made use of the concepts. It meant vital crops were always near and well cared for. In essence they had created a produce store at their doorstep with a built in sprinkler system.

There are likely hundreds more examples of scientific accomplishments in the Mayan culture that we have not touched on here. However, there are claims that the lack of understanding of the delicacy of the natural world is what led to the fall of the Maya. Whether that is true or not, it is important to recognise they did discover an immense amount of valuable information about their world and used every ounce of it to foster the growth and betterment of their civilization. That is the true purpose of science.

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Early Science in Mexico – New Spain

When the Viceroyalty was established in New Spain (what is now Mexico), one of the first items on the to-do list was the establishment of a university. At the time, about 1539, science was dominating the chatter in European courts of royals. Italy and Greece were making huge strides in medicine and astrology, and of course Spain wanted to get in on the action. Using teachings from other nations, Spain founded The Royal and Pontifical University of Mexico in 1551.

Since Pontifical University was the official university of the empire and administered only by clergy, the authenticity of information given to students was not necessarily intact. There was a great need for the Viceroyalty to maintain a spiritual purity among the people, especially the educated people. Therefore, any evidence of medical teachings contradicting the Catholic bible was omitted from lessons. Other teachings included physics, mathematics, law and the Aristotle view of philosophy. The university became so accomplished and popular, it spawned the student who would move on to complete the very first scientific text: Physica Speculatio by Alonso Gutierrez in 1557.

Carlos Gongora was a student of the Jesuits at the University of Mexico as well. He became known as an remarkably gifted man in mathematics and science. After winning a position as professor of those subject at the university, he began to make known his real thoughts on some of the lessons he was taught. In fact, Gongora was the first educated scholar to publicly criticize the concept of comets as divine tools of disaster. He used his scientific knowledge as an argument for the natural evolution of the comet, and many other elements of nature.

The Spanish Enlightenment began as an exploration of reason at the beginning of the 18th century. However the Mexican Enlightenment did not begin to emerge until 1735, and even then it was sparse. The change taking place in Europe did not interest many in Mexico, simply because they were still fighting for their independence. In the past it had been the Jesuit teachers who had brought modern ideas from Europe to Mexico, but after their exile in 1767, all of that came to a halt. The creoles of Mexico who had taught themselves whatever they could glean from former university students or Jesuit teachers, became the first scientists and doctors of Mexico.

The result was not ideal of course, but it wasn’t long before Spanish scientists made their way over to Mexico and things really got going. The study of mining made the largest advancements, resulting in the Seminary of Mining in 1792 (later called the College of Mining). Andreas Manuel del Rio is perhaps the most famous Mexican scientist to come out of the Mexican Enlightenment period. He was solely responsible for the discovery of the chemical vanadium, a soft metal with good resistance to oxidation. In fact, vanadium steel was used in the chassis of the Model T Ford car.

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What Motivates People To Purchase Disposable Phones

Disposable cell phones are for justifiable reasons gaining popularity with both young and older users. They will have many of the features you would normally find in the high end phones even though these ones are on the cheap. The cell phones ship at price ranges that one can find affordable and alluring. To even add onto the fun, some high end phones have their mini versions.

Normally, they are just meant for anyone who needs a quick access to cell phones without much hassle. Therefore, they were not tailored specifically for a certain group of people. Anyone who needs them can use them. For example if a student is on a road trip and needs to keep in touch he can get them.

The phones are ideal for staying in contact with loved ones and parents if you travel. It doesn’t need you to be bound by certain month on month long term plans. (Those are common with other cell phones). You enjoy them over the period you have it.

Read some of these features and consider the benefits of having those phones.

They are much more affordable than if you go for that regular model. The phones are therefore recommended if you have a child or teeny around. You will not feel that pain of loosing the handheld device in case of the worst. The models are mostly for using and throwing after a certain span.

The phones will attract buyers because of their affordable price tags. For their charm, $5 to $15 is one hell of a bargain. For the same reason you would not feel short changed if you lost one in some crowded place.

They also pass as very environmentally friendly phones. They allow usage and disposal in environmentally fit methods. They are bio degradable and do not pollute the environment in their disposal.

To sum it all, these points will justify why someone will want to have a disposable cell phone. If you feel the drift, you can buy one right away.

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The Creation Of The Aztec World As Viewed In Aztec Pottery


The world has been created five times according to the ancient Aztecs. Gods ancient and powerful have given life and extinguished it in all four previous “suns”. And, the current fifth “sun” is always precariously in danger.

From nothingness, the god Ometecutli created himself. He fashioned himself to encompass the duality of the universe; light and darkness, good and bad, male and female. Henceforth, Ometecutli would be known as the Lord and Lady of Duality. From the union of the Lord and Lady of Duality, four god children were conceived themselves becoming gods. Tezcatlipoca, Quetzalcoatl, Huizilopochtli and Xipe Totec thus became lords of the cardinal directions north, south, east, west.

Four ages, or “suns” of 2028 years each ensued. But each of these “births of the world” was terminated with great destruction because of the infighting among the child gods. They fought among themselves for power and control. All humans that existed in each of the previous four suns were destroyed or transformed into something else lower than human.

After the destruction of the fourth sun, Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca gave birth to the fifth and current sun. Heaven and earth once again emerged from the darkness. Humans were created from the bones of the dead from the previous sun that Quetzalcoatl had stolen from the underworld.

The war god Huitzilopochtli was favored by the Aztecs. According to legend, the god himself guided them to the place where they would found their mighty nation. From their capital, Tenochtitlan, they would conquer and rule the entire known world.

The world continued to be an unstable place, even the sun could not perform its daily journey on its own. It needed the “precious water” human blood to provide it with the energy necessary to light the world. In the beginning, even the gods themselves had to provide blood sacrifices to energize the sun. Now the task was left to humans.

It was Huitzilopochtli, the great warrior god who fought for the sun in particular. Along with his chosen people, the Aztecs, they together performed the duties to nourish the sun and keep this current world alive.

Learn about Aztec Gods. The Lord of Duality was a union of opposites: good and bad, chaos and order, male and female.

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Hear the Loons at a Minnesota Summer Camp

Have you ever been to Minnesota? Have you seen he beautiful capitol of St. Paul, or the farms? Yet, that is only a part of this great state. The Northwoods of Minnesota are loaded with natural beauty. On the ground you will see bears, fox and wolves in the sky you will find Eagles soaring around. On the lakes you might just hear a loon or see a Muskie fish break the waters surface. You have to experience this simple beauty. you can imagine that this is what America looked like 100 years ago.

Children’s summer camps find Minnesota (mn) the perfect place to expose kids to camp. Picking. a Minnesota summer camp offers a child the chance to be away from daily civilization. No place in the midwest will give a child an amazing experience in the country. At Camp Nature Swift child gets to play, make new friends and learn new outdoor activities, this takes place in the fun sun of the northwoods of Mn.

Duluth Minnesota is only 60 minutes north of Swift Nature Camp Duluth is a cosmopolitan town high in the hills along Lake Superior, the biggest of the great lakes. Often , Swift Campers participate in an adventure summer camp program where they hike along the scenic bluffs of the Superior Hiking Trail. A little further north in Minnesota, campers canoe the Boundary Waters of Minnesota. Canoeing in this National Park in Minnesota is breathtaking from the deep green forests to the crystal clear lakes. It is simply beautiful.

The largest cities in Minnesota are Minneapolis and St. Paul, campers from all around the world fly into minneapolis to get to their Minnesota children’s camp. Some parent even plan a little vacation in the city. Minneapolis is has many exciting things to do and see, including the world famous Mall of America. The great variety of food and entertainment alone are well worth visiting the great city of Minneapolis. So make sure to plan enough time to visit the city when you bring your child to resident summer camp in Minnesota.

Other Summer Kids Camps cannot compare to the unparalleled experience your child will find at Camp Nature Swift in Minnesota. This ACA accredited camp has been teaching lucky children how to have a great summer for over 40 years. Dedicated to the spirit of Ernie Swift the camps goal is to enjoy a traditional summer camp while encouraging children to respect nature and to understand it in a more profound way, Camp Nature Swift helps children at camp to learn why and how to become good stewards of the environment. It is through direct experience and hands on activities that we inspire kids to be environmentally conscious when they return home. This Kids summer camp is so much more, with their dedication to the environment. At Swift Nature Summer Camp it is fun with a purpose.

A Summer Youth Camp(Summary) The children have such a well rounded selection of activities to choose from at this Minnesota summer camp. It;s hard to fit it all in during their session! It can be horseback riding and swimming or archery to craft making the stay is packed with fun filled a adventure. Our Discovery Program is a unique camp program designed only for the first time camper. This special session is unlike any other sleepaway camp because it is designed to give extra attention to campers who are a little reluctant to leave home for their first time overnight summer camp experience. Regardless if your child is a first time campers or is experienced at overnight backpacking and canoeing trips your camper will love Swift Nature Camp. Boys and Girls, ages 6-15 are asked to come have fun with us in the beautiful Northwoods of Minnesota. Visit the camp website www.swiftnaturecamp.com for more information and to get your child registered today!

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The Totally Wicked Screwdriver Electric Cigarette Is A Beautiful And Unique E Smoking Device Which Is Considered One Of The Best Electronic Nicotine Inhalators

So what does the “E-NI Screwdriver” have that a regular Electronic Cigarette doesn’t have?

The solution is actually fairly basic, a powerful battery with the ability to handle the task.

The “Screwdriver MKII” Electronic Cigarette Kit has a battery that lasts over twelve hours and is a Must Have. The “Screwdriver” is fitted with a 900mAh rated rechargeable lithium battery while a typical e-cigarette has only a 130mAh rated battery.

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The convenient Screwdriver E NI MKII e cigarette utilizes a regular mini DSE901 typical atomizer, yet with additional battery power it provides, you’ll have a good time with improved performance and greater vapor making from the precise dse901 atomizer than you would with the 901 electronic cigarette itself.

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Some Of The Most Fascinating Zoo Species To Visit

I still go to the zoo on a regular basis, but now I go to learn about the animals instead of merely admiring them. Listed below are just a few that I tend to visit more than others.

Now, as an adult, my interest has never waned. I still take regular trips to the zoo, for both entertainment and to learn. I have favorites obviously, and here are just a few of them.

The first stop on my virtual tour of my favourite animals at the zoo is the mighty Dolphins. Kind, gentle and loving all contact with their human visitors, these wonderful mammals will always be must sees for me.

I never miss out on a trip the Monkey house; any animal from the primate family can hold my attention from hours. Some say we have evolved from Apes, and watching them perform certainly adds credence to the theory.

The comic genius and interaction between these animals is hysterical. If you are feeling a bit blue and need cheering up, go and spend some time watching the Chimps, Monkey’s et al; they will brighten your day no end.

The final animals on my list are the elephants; I have loved these creatures since childhood. Smart and gentle, they really are amazing.

If you go to a zoo that has Elephants, make sure they are on your itinerary. These are creatures that can captivate an audience for hours.

So there you go, my top must sees on any visit to a zoo. These animals aren’t just incredibly smart but are also fascinating.

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