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A Concise Glance At The Metro System In Paris

Paris boasts of an excellent public metro transport system and thus lives up to the expectation of the commuters.

Just looking at a Paris metro map alone can be a bewildering experience looking more similar to a work of modern art with its myriad of different coloured lines each standing for a route on the Paris metro system.

The experienced 100-plus year old metro system in Paris is among the oldest in the world and it runs on 15 different tracks that are named after their stations.

The Paris metro has some 200 kilometres of track which link 368 metro stations. Paris metro stations are also very reachable as wherever you are in the city of Paris you’re never more than 500 meters away from a metro station. The only problem you’ll have is choosing which Paris metro station is nearest from any given building.

If you are going to Paris on vacation then the extent to which you use the Metro and eventually the type of ticket you buy, depends on a few factors. Firstly, if you are staying at a Paris hotel in the centre of the city then you probably won’t be using the metro that much.

In Paris it would be enough if you obtain a single metro ticket for a particular place as most of the important sights like museums and monuments of Paris lie close to one another.

In almost all the metro stations attendants are ready to assist the travellers in purchasing metro tickets from ticket booths. Many tourists who spend only one week in Paris and who would use metro system to the maximum buy what is known as a ‘carnet’. A carnet consists of 10 metro tickets given at a discount and which enables the tourist to travel in Paris metro 10 times.

Another ticket that permits you to travel any number of times on the metro in a week is the ‘orange Paris metro ticket’. It is a good alternative in the sense that it is economical and you can choose the number of places you would visit in the week.

Tourists from the US can choose Paris Vistes which can be ordered through the internet before they leave for France. This ticket permits you to visit the RATP network any number of times.

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How To Experience A Hike With A Family Dog

Pets are wonderful companions, easily the equal of people at times. Why not bring your healthy and fit pet out to the woods, into nature, on a camping trip? If you’re careful and they’re well trained, you can have a lot of fun!

House pets, while capable, are still domesticated animals. They’ll need you to make the right preparations to make sure that they’re safe and well protected while on your little adventure. The weather and location both should both matter when you’re considering what to pack.

The right preparation can make sure that everything stays fun and happy.

First, assess possible safe locations for the trip. Make sure that the place you’re planning to camp in is pet friendly.

The facilities available on-site are also important. You’re looking for things like running tracks, places here you can take the leash off your pet and places where there’s drinking water. A proper site should at least have a place with drinking water. Be sure to check if your companion is within pet size limits as well.

Responsible owners will checkout the campsite’s pet guidelines. Animals, even trained ones, can be accident prone. Most reputable parks or campgrounds will have some advice and some warnings that should help guide your behavior while you’re camping.

Bugs and the weather can injure or sicken an animal companion. It is best to protect them by sharing a small tent with them and bringing a travel bed for them to rest on. This will keep insects from crawling and latching onto them.

Some pets are more high-maintenance than others, but at the end of the day, all of them need you to pay attention to them, to protect them from the bad things they could encounter while adventuring with you. Don’t let them down.

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Trailer Loading Techniques – Help For The Hard-to-load Horse.

Sometimes the hardest part about owning a horse is getting it into a trailer. Horses being the instinctively flighty animals they are, a trailer can appear to be a trap, and one bad experience can ruin a horse for loading in a trailer the rest of its life. Here are some tips for making that first experience the best one, and they may also help teach a problem horse to load correctly. The best scenario is to practice loading when you have enough time to do a thorough job of it. Don’t wait until you have to get somewhere in a hurry and expect your horse to jump right in. It’s something you have to practice, and you need time so that you can do it patiently and correctly, without losing your cool and damaging your horse’s sensitivity. This method really works, and if you always listen to your horse, you can be successful every time you ask him to step into a trailer.

Prepare the trailer in advance. If it is a small trailer with a removable divider, take the divider out to make it appear as safe and unspooky as possible. If it is a step-up trailer, get it parked so that the step isn’t very high, such as backed up to a slight hill, so the ground is only a few inches from the floor of the trailer.

Put a halter with a long lead rope on your horse. Lead him up to the open door of the trailer. Your horse will probably stop and balk at the door. Leave the halter rope as slack as possible to let him sniff and breathe and lower his head to “check out” the trailer floor. He needs to test it to see if it is safe. Pet him just a little, as he looks around at the trailer and gets used to the idea of standing near it. Standing at his side, (don’t stand behind him or in front of him; you are not pulling him or driving him into the trailer), give a vocal command such as “ck-ck-ck” to move forward, and use the last two feet of the lead rope in your hand to swing in an arc and make a light “pop” on his back, between withers and croup. If he moves forward, cease popping and reward him instantly, petting him and letting him stand and relax before asking for more forward movement. If he does not move, pop him consistently in an even timing until you get a response from him (you may have to pop a little harder for a desensitized horse; a sensitive horse, you will hardly need to even touch with the rope and they will jump forward). If he pulls back, or tries to go around the trailer door, longe him in a circle at a trot for a minute or two, and then ask him to stop at the trailer door, rest, and relax and then think about stepping in again. Make sure you get him up to the door of the trailer again, before you let him stand perfectly still and relax.

The main idea here is to make the trailer the “safe” place for the horse to be. Start with the “safe” place being the open door. (Later, the “safe” place will be inside the trailer.) Your goal is to get the horse to want to stand at the door, then encourage him to take a step forward. What you MUST do to accomplish this is reward him for ANY forward movement to the trailer. This includes just barely inching one foot forward. The second he lifts a foot to move forward, your consistent “popping” with the halter rope STOPS IMMEDIATELY and you praise the horse, pet him, talk to him, and let him stand a moment. Then, ask him to take one more step by giving the vocal command and starting the popping again. This is how you move his “safe” place forward into the trailer. Any backward or sideways movement results in him having to longe again in circles near the back of the trailer, and he will look for a place to stop and rest….that’s how you get him thinking the best place to be is the trailer. He should learn that it’s a lot of hard WORK for him to disobey. Use his lazy nature to get your desired result: standing in the trailer.

If you get him right to the trailer door and he won’t step up, you can pick up a front hoof and place it in the trailer. He may take it back, but continue the popping, then. Eventually he will learn to step in. At first, only let him put his front feet in, and then stop him and after a moment ask him to step back out. You can pet him, praise him, and then ask for forward movement again. Remember to ALWAYS reward his forward movement. Once he is completely inside the trailer, try to back him out again. It is scary for a horse to get out, and you don’t want him to “freeze up” once he gets inside. Repeat the whole process a few times, and only when he is loading smoothly should you give him any treats or grain inside the trailer. Let him stand for awhile, just petting him and standing near him in the trailer.

The more this is repeated, such as the next day, and the day after that, the better your horse will get. Remember, you are not PULLING or DRIVING the horse into the trailer. Your desired result is that he sees the open gate of the trailer, and thinks “that’s my comfortable safe place…I’m going in there.” The horse should walk right in comfortably.

Hope this works for you. If your horse is really wild, you might have a little more trouble, and need to do more groundwork before you try loading him. But I guarantee you this is the best way to put a horse in a trailer. The other methods (coaxing in with treats, or putting a rope on his hind end, or hitting the horse to drive it in to the trailer) aren’t good for you or your horse, and though this way takes longer initially, it will teach your horse the best mindset to have when trailer-loading.

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Where To Entrust Your Dog While You’re On Vacation

Many dogs find themselves getting lonely when their owners aren’t around. They may act out if they are left alone for a long time or they may become listless and mope. Fortunately, there are alternatives to leaving your dog home alone while you’re out. Doggie daycare centers provide all the attention and activity your pet needs when you’re away.

Doggie daycare focuses entirely on your dog’s needs. They are given recreational time, they are fed, played with and pampered by staff.

Activities are even planed for your pets at such daycare centers. This is beneficial since most dogs crave stimulation and get bored if they have nothing to do all day. It’s when they are bored that they often do the most damage to your home. They can chew up your furniture or forget they’re housebroken. It’s their way of occupying their time and showing you they miss you when you’re away.

When you place your dog in a doggie day care it gives them the human contact they crave. It relieves their anxiety and gives them a needed distraction.

If you love pets and are looking for some extra income, why not open your own doggie daycare center? You’ll need to have plenty of land and kennels to house the dogs.

The dogs will also need lots of room to run and a safe area for you to walk them. Don’t forget to clean up after them promptly. No one wants to leave their pet in an unsanitary facility. Failing to keep things neat can also get you shut down.

The best part of the job is that you get to be around animals all day long and still make money. It’s the best of both worlds for many people.

So, if you love dogs and have the space, why not try opening your own doggie daycare? It can be just the career you need to escape the corporate world and enjoy what you do for a living.

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How To Ensure Safe And Stress-Free Air Travel With Pets

It’s your first time to bring Fluffy with you on your holiday vacation. Exciting, isn’t it? However, traveling by air can be a real disaster for both you and your pet if you fail to do the necessary preparations. Are you and your pet ready for the journey? The following tips can help you make your travel with pets a safe, hassle-free, and comfortable one.

Know the Pet Policies: Airlines that allow their passengers to bring their pets along with them in the flight impose certain policies. That being said, you should familiarize yourself with the pet policies of your chosen airline to prevent stress to your pet and inconvenience on your part. Some airlines may allow taking small dogs and cats in the cabin, while others require pets to be placed below the cabin for the rest of the flight. Understand the restrictions of the airline regarding pets to avoid any hassle. Aside from these, you also have to be aware of the rules on pet carriers and any health and immunization requirements that are set by the airline.

Visit the Vet: Have your pet checked before your flight. Ask your vet if your pet is suitable for airline travel. Also, see to it that your pet has received all the needed vaccinations to comply with the rules on pet immunization of the airline. Ask the vet to give you a health certificate for your pet; you will need this piece of document at various points in your entire travel. Make sure that it is dated within at least 10 days of your departure.

Choose Your Flight Wisely: If possible, opt for direct flights because changing planes will cause stress to your pet. To reduce the stress your pet has to endure throughout your trip, you should try taking a non-peak flight where there are fewer passengers and more cabin room. Also, avoid busy travel period such as during summer and holidays, as more passengers mean more stress for your pet.

Invest in a Pet Carrier: It would be rather unwise to tug along your furry friend without a carrier to keep the pet secure. So if you don’t have one yet, buy a carrier that’s appropriate for the size of your pet. Make sure that it will be comfortable, too. It should allow let your canine or feline companion to stand up, sit, lie down, and move around comfortably. Allow your pet to get used to the travel carrier for at least four weeks before your flight. This will lessen the stress during your flight.

Avoid Feeding Your Pet before Your Trip: Feeding your pet within four to six hours prior to your flight will cause undue discomfort and stress. But you can give small amounts of water before your flight.

Bring a Photo of Your Pet: Travel with pets can become a horrible experience when the pet gets separated from its owner. Your pet’s photo will come in handy in such cases. You will easily find your missing pet by showing the photo to the airline personnel.

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Doggy Care While You’re Not Around

Doggy daycares are the answer to the great problem of what to do with your pet while you are out of town. Many people lack the friends or family to watch over their loved ones while they go away on trips. They fill the gap left when you are away by providing attention and exercise to your best friend.

While you are away, the dog will play – and be fed, and bathed and play with other dogs. It is the ability to fill in the gap left open while you are out of town.

Just like a kids camp, there are all sorts of things to keep your pet on the up and up. Some people even bring their dogs to a Dog Day Care center so their dogs can simply socialize with other dogs. People won’t stop getting pets even when their time is already limited.

The dog’s anxiety isn’t allowed to get the better of it, because there are always other people around to engage with it.

Your home can be a perfect place to board dogs with the addition of some simple things. Just because you love dogs doesn’t mean you’ll be able to handle the various personalities.

Dogs also need lots of room to run around, and they’ll need that outside instead of indoors. If you plan to run this business out of your home, you also need to check with your local requirements with regards to the zoning laws. What is the day to time when you start the clean up procedures.

What is really cool is that this is a really fun job to have, and a rewarding one as well. If you like a lot of dogs, this is a great business to get into.

Not many folks have the chance to really engage in something that they love like this. But with a little time and effort, you can really make a good living doing just that. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing to enjoy?

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Stuff You Should Never Give To Your Dog

What you leave lying around on the floor at home or outside might not give you any pause for reflexion, but it can be potentially deadly for your dog. See, dogs will literally eat about anything you leave lying around on the floor, regardless of what it is, or even if it isn’t edible. This can lead to a fatal situation for your canine pal.

Some things can be really deadly. Like chocolate, for example. Some people might share a bit with their dogs, but others may have an adverse reaction.

Another similar case is onions. Onions are great for us, but to a dog, there are chemicals that can be converted into deadly poisons.

Another couple of hazards are to be found in mushrooms and garlic. In particular, garlic can be toxic on the inside of a dog.

Now, most dogs can consume seeds without any ill effects. But when it comes to apples, the seeds are a little more dangerous, and can even be fatal to a god.

Poultry bones are another case that deserves looking into. Normal bones, from cows or sheep, are just fine as long as your dog is chewing on them. But a chicken’s bones, for example, are really brittle and can shatter inside a dog’s mouth. If a dog were to swallow those shards, they can cause some serious havoc in a dog’s stomach or intestines.

Dogs do eat a lot of different things that a human being wouldn’t touch. That doesn’t mean that your dog is a mobile trash can. You need to keep your detritus up and out of your dog’s way. And make sure you keep your own food out of the dog’s way as well.

Any old innocent piece of food found lying around can be enough to lead to deadly circumstances for your pet, or somebody else’s. It only take a little bit of care and work to keep your innocent dog safe.

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Can You Take Your Pet On Your RV Trip?

If you are getting ready to hit the road in your RV, of course, you want to take along your loved ones. You wouldn’t leave one of your kids behind, would you? So why not also take along the family pet? After all, even though your pet may have four legs, it doesn’t mean that he or she isn’t a valued member of your “pack.” It is no wonder that many families take their pets when they travel in their recreational vehicles.

Not only will you be able to show your dog a great time on the road, you will also save the money from putting your pet in a kennel. Additionally, often families go away for extended vacations in their RVs. Two or three weeks may seem far too long to be without your pet.

When you are taking your pets along with you on the road, one major reminder is to pay attention to safety. They are depending on you to do a good job taking care of them.

You will need to buy a few supplies to make sure that they are safe, including a kennel. While dogs can wear pet seat harnesses for a bit more freedom to look out the window, cats do need to travel in a kennel. After all, a cat sitting on your front dashboard could definitely block your view when you are driving. You also don’t want a cat walking across your lap. This could be unsafe for you as well as your pet.

You’ll need a good RV mattress to make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. However, you can just bring your dog or cat’s bed from home. You don’t need to get any sort of special RV mattress for an animal. At night, you can let your cat or dog out of the cage to stretch his or her legs. Also make sure that you bring food and water bowls and some toys for your pet.

Don’t forget that your pets will occasionally need to take breaks to relieve themselves. Make sure that you have a good leash for your pets. After all, chasing after them in a parking lot or down the highway could quickly ruin your trip.

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Make The Trip To The Vet A Less Stressful Time For Your Cat

Cats are pretty independent and don’t relish being told what to do. So, to be forced into a cat basket and travelled around in a metal box is not generally something they look forward to. To make matters worse, they usually wind up at a place with unpleasant smells and an aura of fear, the VET. Their only reward being a sharp needle and having their mouth prised open.

So we need to try and help the experience pass as easily as we can for our cats.

Firstly, unlike dogs, cats can be transported in a basket. However, to bring this out just before you want to go and try and get your pet inside might, over time, mean your cat will associate the basket with the vet. I find that the process of getting your cat into the basket is made a lot easier if you bring the basket out at few days before and place it where your cat will see it every day, I find that the cats get used to the basket and no longer see it as a form of torture. Moreover, my cats actually see it as a sanctuary, and it can be more of a problem to get them out of it at the other end! This being the case it’s useful to have a basket where you can take the complete top off, for easy access.

Cats can have different ways of handling stress. There are cats that will go quite quiet and withdrawn, however, others will start howling as soon as the car starts rolling. On the whole, it’s the sensation of movement that’s beyond their control that upsets them most.

To lessen the effect of this, and any unnecessary movement, make sure you have secured the basket in the car using a seat belt. Try and drive smoothly as well, avoiding any sudden stops or starts or changes in direction. Keep the car well ventilated, with the windows open slightly.

There are cats that can suffer from travel sickness, in which case it’s best to get the right medication from your vet before you travel. Do not use human medicines. For very stressed cats, you can buy a spray called Feliway which has been proven to help keep cats calm in stressful situations. It can be used anywhere where your cat might get stressed, for example, cats living in homes with other cats, if you’ve had a lot of work done to the house or are thinking of going away on holiday, all are situations that may stress your cat and where this spray will help.

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Dog Friendly Rentals

Most people really love their pets, to the point where they become part of the family. Some pet owners cannot bear to be separated from their pets for more than a day or so and for these people, going on holiday can be a problem, because they do not want to leave their friends behind. Clearly the solution is to take your cat or dog with you. Dogs are easier to take away than cats, because they are more well-trained

If you are only going for a few days, say on business, finding a hotel near to the location of your meeting should not be too much of a problem, unless you want to stay at one of the big names in the city centre. It is often the smaller, family-run hotels or guest houses that consent to pets, although some want you to keep your dog in a kennel on the premises overnight. larger hotels tend not to be very pet-friendly.

If you propose taking your pet with you, it is better if you make this clear when you make your booking as more hotels do not permit pets than do allow them. Normally there is no extra charge for a pet, but you are liable for any extra cleaning costs, should your pet get caught short.

If you are going away on holiday or for a longer period of time, it is usually a lot easier to find a holiday rental that will allow you to take your cat or dog with you. Again, it is wisest to make it obvious at booking that you want to take your dog with you. Fortunately, there are about fifty percent of rentals or more that will allow this, although once again, you will be held responsible for any damage or mess made by your dog.

A tip: if on getting there, you see that previous pets have caused some damage or stains, take photographs on your first day and have them dated. Modern cameras often have the facility to date stamp photos or you can use a newspaper. Otherwise, point out the damage to your host.

When you travel with your dog, it is best to put the animal in some sort of a cage particularly when driving. A loving dog can be a distraction in a car. If it wants attention just when you are trying to perform a tricky manouevre, it can result in an accident. Some dogs get very frightened in cars and want to sit on their owner’s lap, this is also not a good idea and could lead to a charge of dangerous driving. Furthermore, if your dog is not caged and you have an accident, it could be thrown through the windscreen. If you are travelling by air, then the airline will insist on a cage, but they normally have their own.

Once you arrive at your pet-friendly rental, give your dog some of his normal food to eat, lay out his blanket from home, and put out one of his favourite toys, just to help make him feel at home. After all, everything will be strange to him and he might be able to smell the previous furry tenant. If cleaning staff will be entering your rental during your holiday, make sure that you are there at least for the first few times they visit.

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Cross Country Travel With A Pet: Five Tips

With summer vacation time ramping up, you have to make the decision on what to do with your pets. They can be boarded, you could hire a house-sitter to come and stay with Fido or Fluffy or you could plan to take them along with you.

Whether you’re planning a cross-country excursion or a weekend camping trip that involves several hours in a car, planning is crucial to your pets’ (and your) comfort and enjoyment. Even the most docile pet can get anxious when on a long car trip. From a change in scenery, to the idea of being cooped up in a vehicle and having to get accustomed to bathroom stops in locales that are fraught with new sights and smells, the road trip could take its toll on your pets’ comfort level.

Make certain you pack your pet’s normal food and if possible bring his or her food and water dish from home. Familiarity breeds comfort in a pet’s mind. Feed your pet on its regular schedule and avoid the urge to offer additional treats to calm nervousness.

Make certain your pet has access to fresh water. Put some ice cubes in a bowl and while they melt keep the dish accessible to the dog. Offer him or her water at all rest stops.

Give your pet time to stretch its legs. You will have to plan more frequent stops while on the road with your pet. Make certain your dog is securely leashed at all times.

If you’re traveling alone, you may need to bring an extra car key in the event you have to lock your pet in with the car running and the air conditioner on while you make a restroom stop. Because I have a miniature dog, I am able to pop her into a purse when I make stops that aren’t animal friendly. Never leave your pet unattended in a hot car.

Check your route for veterinarians’ offices along the way. Emergency visits can be a frightening event, but you’ll be thankful if you know where the nearest vet’s office is. As with vet’s offices, check ahead for hotels that are pet friendly.

Keep in mind, you and your family are buckled into seatbelts, and so should your pet be. There are specially designed seatbelt harnesses or you could put your pet in an approved pet carrier for the journey.

While not every eventuality can be planned for, planning ahead will make for a more enjoyable family vacation with your pet.

Mary Ross has many interests, including online colleges, family vacation planning, online degrees and scholarships for students with disabilities.

Understanding Your Dog’s Barking

Dogs bark for many reasons: to scare off intruders or to get some attention. The breeding of dogs has helped the dogs to develop their barking abilities to allow them to tell us things.

Training has helped the dog to communicate with its master by barking when it gets excited or if it just wants to let you know something.

If you pat your dog, or give it a reward when your dog barks, then it is inevitable that it will continue to bark. It is important that you know what your dog is trying to tell you.

Some dogs bark very frequently as a way of trying to get your attention. If, however, you do just give your dog treats when he barks, this will just encourage him to bark more often.

If you just carry on giving you dog attention when it barks, then obviously it will carry on barking until you react to it and show it some attention.

Some dog as we know are very territorial animals. Not only will they bark if someone is on your property, they will also bark whenever somebody comes near, and in some cases will even bark at people across the street from you.

If you try to distract your dog once he starts barking and give him a reward when he goes quiet, then this will teach him not to bark as much.

If you are a dog owner you will know that taking the time to train your dog properly is a must. With the proper training you will always be able to tell what your dog is trying to tell you. This surely is a must win situation for the both of you. He does not have to bark all the time to get your attention and you have a peaceful life instead of the constant barking that could drive you mad.

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Diets Your Dog Should Avoid

Mans best friend, the dog. Lovable and playful and if you are not careful it will eat you out of house and home. Yes, the dog loves nothing better than to find something to chew on. This may not sound like a big problem, but some of the foods that we take for granted can actually be very fatal to a dog.

Although some people give their dogs chocolate treats without any ill effect, dark or baking chocolate can actually prove fatal to some dogs.

Onions are another thing to stay well clear of with dogs. There are chemicals in Onions that can turn to poison in a dogs digestive system.

If you walk in the fields regularly with your dog then you may want to know that mushrooms can be fatal to some dogs, also in the same way garlic can be fatal. The effect of this spice in a dog can prove fatal and is very quick reacting.

Most dogs can eat food that contains seeds with just a little discomfort, but apple seeds unfortunately can prove fatal to a dog.

Small bones from either a chicken or turkey have a habit of shattering very easy; these could leave sharp points that could be hazardous inside a dog’s stomach.

Dogs are not a canine version of a garbage can, even though they do eat almost anything. Do not leave food out for your dog or anybody else’s dog to find, keep temptation out of their way.

Even an innocent piece of food lying around could be enough to kill either your dog or somebody else’s dog. Just a little care and you could stop an innocent dog from losing its life.

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How To Know What Your Cat Is Saying

Cats have always been very good at communicating with humans. If you take time to understand what exactly a cat wants you can build a long lasting relationship with your cat.

A cat has numerous ways of getting the message across to us. If, for instance, you see your cat hunched up on her back legs and hissing madly, you will know that she is wary or afraid of something. In the same way, if she is stood proud and waving her tail about slowly from side to side, then this is an indication that all is probably well.

When a cat is blinking slowly or purring and the eyes are half closed then you know that they are content.

A cat does not just “meow”. There are many different sounds that a cat makes.

Murmuring or purring are normally associated with happy contented feelings, such as when they are being cuddled or fed treats, although cats do purr slightly when they re being touched by strangers or even vets.

When the cat makes sounds through open or closed mouth, it is asking for food or greeting you, these are slightly different than just purring.

The more intense sounds that a cat makes are normally signs of fear or pain or even anger. Some cats have a tendency to speak more than other cats. Sometimes you can tell the difference between how a cat speaks to you compared to how it speaks to strangers.

Obviously the more time that you spend with your cat, then the more you will understand her and the more she will communicate with you.

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Some Of The Most Fascinating Zoo Species To Visit

I still go to the zoo on a regular basis, but now I go to learn about the animals instead of merely admiring them. Listed below are just a few that I tend to visit more than others.

Now, as an adult, my interest has never waned. I still take regular trips to the zoo, for both entertainment and to learn. I have favorites obviously, and here are just a few of them.

The first stop on my virtual tour of my favourite animals at the zoo is the mighty Dolphins. Kind, gentle and loving all contact with their human visitors, these wonderful mammals will always be must sees for me.

I never miss out on a trip the Monkey house; any animal from the primate family can hold my attention from hours. Some say we have evolved from Apes, and watching them perform certainly adds credence to the theory.

The comic genius and interaction between these animals is hysterical. If you are feeling a bit blue and need cheering up, go and spend some time watching the Chimps, Monkey’s et al; they will brighten your day no end.

The final animals on my list are the elephants; I have loved these creatures since childhood. Smart and gentle, they really are amazing.

If you go to a zoo that has Elephants, make sure they are on your itinerary. These are creatures that can captivate an audience for hours.

So there you go, my top must sees on any visit to a zoo. These animals aren’t just incredibly smart but are also fascinating.

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Benefita of Animals and Kids

Kids find out about animals at summer camp, if you choose a camp that includes animals in the programs they offer. Science camps offer sophisticated learning programs, but there areSummer Camps with animals that include more playful programs.

Connecting with animals in a natural setting can put a child at the beginning of a lifelong sense of relationship with nature. A deep respect for nature as an adult often starts with experience as a camper.

Swift Nature Camp, popular as a Wisconsin Summer Camp and as a Minnesota Summer Camp because of its proximity, offers a variety of ways for campers to meet and enjoy daily contact with animals. Nature’s Neighbors is a live animal collection, campers are encouraged to bring their own small animals to live in the camp’s Nature Center, and a unique pond aquarium shows life as a frog sees it.

Swift Nature Camp offers campers wider experience to understand animals and how we coexist with them by arranging field trips to a fish hatchery, goose banding projects and butterfly counts. And what child will ever forget a close up visit with a live owl?

Swift Nature Camp has a voluntary four-level program that rewards campers with a special patch of merit, and the categories include recognition of special skills with animals in categories like insects, pet care, bird watching, and horseback riding. Campers can choose just the right mix of play and learning to suit individual preference and need.

Today’s children grow up too fast and need time to play. The summer camp you are looking for should challenge your child to try new things, but not in a stressful way. Camp is not school! Interaction with animals can be a perfect way for a child to learn by the natural discovery of play. Besides all the fun and excitement of a traditional camp, the kids have the joy of discovering Nature and the world we live in.

Finding a Summer’s Camp takes work. Here are some hints from SummerCampAdvice.com

Swift Nature Camp is a Summer Children’s Camp in Wisconsin. Boys and girls ages 6-15 enjoy traditional summer camp activities while while learning about nature and the environment. at this Summer Camp with Science

What You Need To Know About Online Bargain Shopping

Shopping has never been the same with the growth of online bargain shopping. Online bargain shopping gets you close with wide array of discounted products. Many consumers are now trendier and economical by doing online bargain shopping. No need to go out of your home just to buy a new pair of jeans, one click will bring you the jeans you need. A working mom doesn’t have to endure the traffic to visit the shopping malls during sale season. She just has to browse on online bargain shopping site to avail of the discounted products right away!

The greatest part about online shopping is that you can buy whatever you’re looking for with a click of the mouse in the comforts of your home. Parents that work 2nd or 3rd shift don’t have to worry about getting off of work in time to make it to the stores during their open hours. Shoppers no longer have to think about Black Friday or busy holiday consumer traffic; lines don’t exist on the internet! Technology has given everyone an easy way of accessing all of their needs. Read ahead for more information and a few tips to make online bargain shopping even easier.

First, make sure your transaction is secure by knowing your online merchant before you start your online bargain shopping. You should not expect that every one over the internet is good and honest people. More importantly, it is money that we are talking about here. You have to safeguard every transaction that you make. You can do this through references about the online merchant and through third party information. Make sure that many people are vouching for that merchant. Through their references you will know how reliable they are and how safe to transact with them.

Next, go ahead and shop online on the reputable sites you have found. It is even more helpful if you choose a site that can filter and select only reputable merchants. This will ensure that you are dealing with legitimate websites. Since you are shopping for bargain items, it is important to check the terms and conditions on the website. Check to see if they accept returns and can replace items. Make sure you check what currency they accept and check to see if the online purchase would really be any cheaper than buying the item at a local store.

As a third tip, check that merchant is fair in dealing and has return policy in place to refund or exchange in case of dissatisfaction. Be sure that product has enough warranty and the price is not more than the store price.

Next, try to do some comparison with other online bargain shopping sites. You might find that it is much cheaper than the one you previously seen. Comparing their products can help you choose a products that’s worth your money. Check whether the price fits the products. Maybe it is far too low or high for that certain item. Aside from the prices, you can also compare their products’ specification.

The next tip is to compare the product specifications and price on various online bargain shopping sites. Price needs to fit the product value. It is important to understand how purchasing and delivery works. Proper delivery method adopted by the merchandise can only ensure promised delivery.

As a final point another online bargain shopping tips, check the sites for their recent updates. To be certain you are viewing the latest version of the products. Using these online bargain shopping tips, you would be relaxed and at peace while enjoying your shopping extravaganza.

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