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Religion In Cuba

For the second year running a Christmas message has been read on National television by the Roman Catholic of Cuba, it seems that once an atheist communist government has now become highly interested in Religion. During the broadcast, Cardinal Jaime Ortega expressed his thanks as the Island’s families were able to reunite with their families living in the United States. This came upon as President Barack Obama removed restrictions that forbid any relationship between the Americans and Cubans.

The complete message was aired on Cuba’s government controlled television. A spokesperson for Havana’s Conference of Bishops, Orlando Marquez confirmed that the authorities had planned to show a Christmas concert that took place at the National Cathedral.

A retired mother Elisa Ramos was over the moon, she had not seen her son in 12 years and this would be the first time – she had mentioned that this was the best thing that happened to them.

After Jaime Ortega’s broadcast, there have been some growing signs of some improvement between the relationship of the government and the church.

In November 2008, President Raul Castro astonishingly joined thousands of faith believers for the beatification of Friar Jose Olallo Valdes in the city of Camaguey.

Raul took over his brothers place Fidel Castro as president earlier in the year of 2008. His first diplomatic meeting was with Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Pope Benedict XVI’s secretary of state. Bertone was commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s visit in Cuba.

Religion in Cuba was affected in 1959, this was after Fidel Castro was designated as President of the Country. The government closed down religious institutions and expelled priests. However, changes were made in 1990 – all reference to “no religion” had been removed and people with different faiths were allowed to unite with the Communist Party. Later in the year, the condition changed when a visit from Pope John Paul II was made to Cuba.

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Top New Zealand Tourism Destinations

World-renowned for its unique towns, amazing landscape and friendly locals, it’s no surprise New Zealand is a top tourist destination. With a vast array of attractions and things to see and do, planning is a must. Do some research, see what is on offer, narrow down your list of places to visit and you are guaranteed to have the holiday of a life time.

Attractions and Activities in New Zealand

New Zealand has everything on offer, from vast untouched lands to towering cities full of unique and diverse culture. From town to town there is plenty to do and something to suit everybody’s tastes and this is one of the main reasons we attract tourists from all over the globe. Here are just a few ideas that you might want to pencil into your itinerary.

Watching the Whales in Kaikoura

Ask any New Zealander about what there is to do in Kaikoura and the chances are that you’ll be told about the wonders of whale watching. Kaikoura NZ is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the South Island, largely due to the popularity of the unique whale watching tours that take place there. Whale watching is a truly magical experience that creates memories that last forever. For many years, whales have frequented the waters around Kaikoura and today Whale Watch has created an opportunity for you to experience these beautiful creatures up close. A photo of a mighty whale’s tail is a fantastic addition to your travel journal and something that you can really show-off to friends back home.

Winter Sports in Queenstown

Visiting Queenstown is at the top of any travellers list of places to see, with the stunning scenery and the well-deserved reputation for being the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown is a one stop shop for fun and entertainment. Visiting in winter hosts an even bigger range of things to do when all winter sports open attracting everyone with a fondness for anything snow related! Thousands visit the area every year in search of the best ski slopes, snowboarding adventures and fun winter escapes. A great place to take the whole family, spend some time exploring Queenstown and everything it has to offer.

Rotorua – Hot Pools

Rotorua is an active volcano zone with an abundance of geothermal activity under the ground. While sounding dangerous, these characteristics actually make for a unique tourist attraction that will add a special touch to your travel itinerary. The geothermal activity at Rotorua provides the perfect mix for hot pools that are naturally heated. Here you can relax and unwind in the warmth of the pools, so long as you don’t mind the sulfurous smell!

Wellington – Arts and Culture

Wellington, located at the bottom of the North is New Zealand’s capital city. There is a never ending supply of exhibits, unique architecture and interesting displays around Wellington and most within walking distance. Standing proudly on Wellington’s waterfront is Te Papa Museum. Open every day of the year and free of charge, Te Papa is a great way to learn about the history and culture of New Zealand and view the never ending show of fantastic art. Head down to Cuba St to see unique street performers, interesting shops and fabulous up and coming designers, the diversity of Wellington will guarantee a great holiday adventure. [I:http://www.transtartours.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/GiancarloDOrazio2.jpg]

New Zealand has many fun tourist attractions and things to see and do. Come experience them for yourself!