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Two Classic French Movies

French movies have over time, captivated film-goers all over the world. Just like every top genre of movies, French cinema has over time developed its special style, brought to the front by the most famous artists and directors – a testimony to the fact is that many movies of the past are still watched with as much interest and appreciation as was when they were released.

French films, just like any other great movies of all times, have successfully used elements like drama, passion, romance, comedy, suspense, thriller and action that have wowed the audience. But no less successful have been the movies with a theme, as an example, movies wtih social themes.

Let’s chat about some French movies that have been enormously successful over the years.

Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et La Bete) : This movie is about a man who sets out for his home one night and is captured by a half man / half animal. The beast lets the person go on condition that he will send one of his daughters to the beast. The man sends his most stunning girl to the animal and the girl discovers that that the beast has the heart of a human inside. The movie is known for its wonderful story and its special effects which were not thatt developed in those years.

Belle de Jour: This is a French film which is about a woman who loves her doctor hubby but isn't quite reconciled to the concept of having sex with him. In her quest for sex, she falls into bad company. This movie was released in 1967 and is a superb work.

These movies have managed to have a huge following for decades mainly because of a wonderful storyline and skillfull acting. This is even more worthy with a lack of advanced special effects.

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Identifying How Popular Horror Movies Can Enhance Halloween Fun

How can popular horror movies enhance Halloween fun? One can increase such Halloween fun in a number of ways. For example, if one is really enthusiastic, one can recreate an entire movie scene complete with costumed cast and crew. As, in doing so, one is going to have one of the most creative Halloween parties on the planet.

So, whether one is more into action horror such as Jurassic Park which may be more appropriate for younger children, or the Omen, there are many ways in which children can also enjoy such a party. Of course, if one plans the party around horror movies such as the Nightmare on Elm Street, or more recent Saw movies, then one may want to assure that attendees are age appropriate for such material. Otherwise, one may have to spend more of the evening calming fears than enjoying one of the scariest nights of the year.

As such, one can often become any character from a horror movie which one desires to be. However, if one has a specific character in mind, one may want to shop early. For, while such shops rent to individuals during the Halloween season, there are generally a great many plays during this time of year for which such costumes are also necessary.

However, if one wants to have a more authentic version of such a costume, one may either wish to find a costumer to make such a costume, or look towards a costume rental house which often rent and sell such costumes to actors. For, often if one wants an authentic replication of a character in a film, one is going to find the closest likeness at such a shop.

Still, one may also want to keep in mind that with some horror movies, such as Drag Me To Hell and The Orphan, that one most likely needs to have seen the movie to understand why one need fear such characters. For, without the plot and punchline of such films, often such films appear more as dramas than horror movies. However, for those who have seen such movies, these characters can be some of the scariest of all such characters.

In addition, if one is gearing up to throw an authentic Halloween bash based on a specific horror film with specific characters, one may also have to hire the help of a costumer. For, while often the most popular characters are available in packaged costumes, not all characters from such movies are generally available. As such, at times one may have to combine such shopping to include obtaining costumes from creators, shops and rental companies.

In addition, one can also play such films and movies during the event so that any costume contest, or other activity can be verified. Although, whether one bases such a contest on costume workmanship, overall appearance, or both, one most often has to have a fairly authentic replication of such a character in order to win a prize. As such, having these videos on hand can allow one to match the character in the movie to the costumed character for accuracy in relation to such awards.

To this end, whether one is looking to replicate an entire horror movie at a Halloween party or use themes from a variety of popular horror movies, one can do so quite easily when planning at least some aspects in advance. Of course, this is especially true when it comes to having costumes made, or assuring availability of such costuming in stores. In addition, if one can throw a video party before hand in which individuals watch such horror movies, individuals can get a sense of which characters one may like to portray and the costuming which one may need to effectively achieve such a goal.

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