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Cuban Holidays. Things You Shoud Know.

Thinking of cheap Cuba holidays? Cuba has more to offer than any of the other Caribbean Islands. The locals are friendly, charming and welcome you with a smile. The heritage of Cuba is as rich as are the monuments and palaces throughout the country. A Cuban Holiday is without a doubt one to consider.

These are just some of the facts to consider and places and things you should not miss in your holidays to Cuba.

Economy: Sugar and its derivatives are the principal source of revenue, followed by tobacco, the Cuban cigar still being the most sought after in the world-and favourite contraband into the United States. Other sources are cattle breeding and fisheries, while agricultural products include rice, beans, coffee, maize and fruit.

Thanks to the warm waters of the Gull Stream and the trade winds (northeast in the summer, southeast in winter), the island’s climate is moderate and stable, sub tropical but less hot than elsewhere in the Caribbean. In Havana, the average temperature hovers around 25C (77F). The dry season lasts from November to mid-May and the rainy season from end-May to October.

Cayo Guillermo: This little coral key of just 13 sq km (5 sq miles) was one of Ernest Hemingway’s favourite fishing destinations and it is still good for marlin and mackerel, notably on boats chartered at the main hotel, Villa CojImar (named after the village near Havana where Hemingway used to keep his boat).

Postal services, as almost every where these days, are very slow and unreliable. If you have urgent mail, ask your hotel about the international courier services available. The island’s telephone services are problematic, though a phone card system is being progressively installed in the major tourist areas. Calls are best handled through your hotel, which also usually has fax facilities. Check the price first to avoid unpleasant surprises. The outgoing code is 119.

There is a lot more to see, know and do in Cuba other than this few interesting places and facts. Hundreds of beautiful beach and city locations can not be put in just one article. The last advice is to keep researching so that you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

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Sharm el Sheikh Tours – Romance of a Sinai Sunrise

Not too long ago, I was asked by a pal what the most spellbinding thing to do on a trip in Sharm el Sheikh. He was preparing to ask his girlfriend to marry him on an upcoming holiday break and not surprisingly was looking to pick the best location.

I had to give this a bit of thought as even though I go away to Egypt regularly, it is always to go diving or chill out on the beach which even though it is a great way to spend a getaway, it was not really what he was in search of.

I thought the nicest restaurants with perfect views but not much really sprung to mind. I began to give thought to the several excursions that were on offer to holiday makers. There are a variety of excursion options on the market including trips by airplane to Cairo, Luxor and the Lost City of Petra in Jordan. Additionally you can also take a visit from Sharm el Sheikh to Jerusalem.

Even so, these excursions are many hours long and are usually exhausting so I started looking at options a bit nearer to Sharm el Sheikh. You will discover many potential alternatives such as a Bedouin dinner under the clear skies but the harder I thought about it, there was just one real option. The excursion to Mount Sinai and St Catherine’s Monastery departs Sharm el Sheikh just before the sun rises. After 2-3 hours, you get to Mount Sinai in the heart of the desert and start to climb up the mountain. From your view point, you wait in anticipation of the Sinai sunrise.

The desert in this region of Egypt is picturesque with a combination of sand and colourful mountains. As the sun comes up and begins to climb in the sky, you start to sense its welcoming rays and the shadows dance all across the curves of the adjacent mountain tops. It really is a marvelous and romantic occasion. The trip to Mount Sinai is one of the daily tours from Sharm and is well worth getting up early for.

You’ll find plenty of different Sharm tours running from Egypt’s leading beach resort.