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Treasures Of The Caribbean Still To Be Found

The seas of the world are documented to varying degrees. Some bodies of water are so hard to reach that we don’t know for certain what is in them.

Technology has come on in strides over the last century, yet we’ve only descended into the Mariana trench a handful of times to see what we could find. The endless possibilities of our deepest, most expansive oceans makes the familiar and beautiful seem strangely mundane: there’s a ‘been there, done that’ attitude to many more famous seas.

One area of the world’s oceans that has long been easily accessible is the Caribbean Sea. Take Antigua holidays 2012 and you’ll see this for yourself. It’s almost literally child’s play: you can snorkel you way along the shores.

Everything is swell down here – the sea is no especially deep even at its deepest point, and the waters are clear and easy to see in. It’s not the kind of place you’d expect a researcher to have any kind of meaningful discovery in. Yet, this year, Carole Baldwin found six entirely new species of fish.

Doubt the discovery? Baldwin has the DNA proof to back her claims up. So welcome the ‘Banded basslet’, ‘scorpion fish’, ‘goby’ and ‘sea robin’ into the world of biology. They represent a significant find, each fish different in shape and size. The ‘Deep Sea Toad Fish’ is the lest attractive looking of the bunch, but still doubtlessly fascinating.

In a way, the find puts the entire region into perspective. Not that we’re suddenly going to discover new islands in the Caribbean, but the scope for a general sense of discovery is there.

The Caribbean is no longer simply about destinations like those we find on our Barbados Holidays (it never really was). There are countless Caribbean islands that don’t get an appropriate share of the tourist dollar, and you haven’t been to have brilliant street in every brilliant town.

There are so many aspects of the Caribbean experiences that we let slip through our fingers. Why only visit in the summertime? Festivals and great cultural events happen all year round. And when we talk about ‘the Caribbean’ as a single entity, we often ignore that there’s a lot of diversity and interest in the various islands that we will never quite discover for ourselves. So let’s get out there and try to grab some of it!

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