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One Island Two Adventures – St Maarten and St Martin

St. Maarten St Martin is the tiniest dual-nation island in the world with half being French and half being Dutch governed. However, due to folklore, legend has it that when the French and Dutch were fighting over the island in the 16th century during the days of pirates and tall-ships.

[I:] The folklore says that after many wars and lost men on both sides, the French leader and the Dutch leader agreed to meet and settle the dispute about where to draw the border so they could all live in peace on the same island.

Well, after many bottles of rum and a few fights later, they were still not agreed so they made a bet. The challenge was to race around the island in opposite directions and wherever they met, that would be where they drew a line and divided up the island in half.

So they made a mark in the sand, set off in the heat with their troops to walk around the island hoping to divide it up between them when they reached the other side. The romantic version of the legend says that the Dutch, as liable to a few drinks then as they are now, had to take a snooze half way round because they were too drunk, so the French had the better of the Dutch – they netted 20 sq miles and the Dutch only 17 sq miles!

Despite the odd skirmish in the past, it is now a peaceful, neighborly affair which has benefited both sides tremendously and grown St. Maarten – St. Martin into the cosmopolitan, exciting, tranquil, picturesque, beautiful and inspiring island paradise it is today.

Having resided in the Caribbean for over 13 years and visited a lot of the other islands in the Caribbean, I can personally tell you that St. Maarten St. Martin is one of the best islands – to visit and to live on, for many reasons.

With 37 beaches for 37 square miles and a rugged mountain landscape interspersed with large valleys and navigable lagoons, St. Maarten St. Martin has much to offer in terms of natural beauty and exploration.

The recently built $90M Princess Juliana International Airport in St Maarten St Martin is a hub for the region and one of the largest.if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get within 50 ft of a landing jumbo jet then this is the place! It’s not by accident that St. Maartens’ airport was recently featured on the History Channels’ dubiously named Worlds Most Dangerous Airports’ (ironic considering there’s never been an accident here – touch wood). [I:]

One of the best things about St. Maarten St. Martin is its nearness to other fascinating islands – you have the rock-like Saba with its tropical forests and cliff-side walking trails, there’s the flat and hill-less Anguilla with its cultured hotels and world-class beaches, and then there’s St. Barths – best known as the cool French playground of the ‘other half’. And these islands are all visible from St Maarten St Martin and only 10 – 20 mins by plane (which is an experience on it’s own! – St Barths was also on the top ten list of worlds most dangerous airports!).

If you like food then this is the place – St. Maarten and especially the French-influenced St Martin, is regarded as the culinary and cooking capital of the Caribbean and some of the restaurants here are world beaters! From Argentinian to Thai to Mexican and Creole, to the traditional French or Italian, or the cost-effective outdoor local eateries, you’ll find it all here.

Accommodation on St Maarten St. Martin is varied – you can stay in a budget guest house, a resort, hotel or a 5- star villa complete with it’s own entourage of chefs, maids and butlers with an infinity pool overlooking the ocean!

In the classic words of Jimmy Buffet – ‘cheeseburgers in paradise’ have never tasted so great!

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Words With Friends: Things You Need To Know

Scrabble is a game that many people know about. In the iPhone, many have tried to copy the game but never succeeded except for Words With Friends. Because of this game’s popularity, many are now saying that it has even surpassed Scrabble as the most popular word game app around. The popularity of the Words With Friends App is credited to its amazing features as well as graphics, making it the best word game app in the iPhone.

When you open the app, you will be able to type your e-mail address and choose a username. After that you can start playing online. Among its best features is that the app allows you to challenge your friends to a game, or just anyone else around the globe that has the app. The app is currently one of the most downloaded apps in the App Store. Feedback about the app has been impressive so far as seen in the App Store’s review section.

This app is really good especially for those who like to kill some time or even those who want to spend a long time playing the game. For you to play the game, you do not have to be an expert gamer. It does not matter which level you belong, you would still be able to have fun playing this game app. By playing the game, people are reminded of the fun of playing Scrabble. Among the things that most users like for the app are its current features and fantastic graphics which is why people keep coming back to play.

Just as other game apps, Words With Friends also has its drawbacks. Its features are, in general, really good although some can still be developed. It contains no built-in dictionary that can be used to verify if the word, thus players are left guessing if a given word is correct or not. If the app determines that the word is incorrect, it will automatically display an error message. It also does not allow users to track their performance against other users. It would have been a really good feature especially for people who are extremely competitive and want to achieve the best scores possible.

Despite of a few downsides, it is easy to disregard them given the game’s high quality performance in other areas. It is also reasonably priced so many could afford to buy it. If you are still not certain whether to purchase the app or not, there is a light version that could use that has ads on it and can be downloaded for free.

Written by Antonio Mathews. Check out more information on words with friends cheats.

Top 10 Essential Items To Pack For A Princess Cruises Holidays

Who does not want to enjoy holidays on a cruise like Princess? However, one needs the following things to be able to enjoy the holiday fully:

1. Travel documents including the reservation letter, passports, visas (if and where applicable), and credit cards etc

* Medicines and prescription, also do not forget your insurance letters, and contingent plan of journey in case of an emergency.

3. Cameras, video cameras, mobile phones with batteries, etc

* Do not think that you want to relax, and only casual wear will, then you are wrong! There will be parties, and evenings, in which you will need your formal wear, so men should have a tuxedo or dark suit while women should have long evening gown, or a contemporary evening gown with appropriate accessories.

* Casual wear always depends upon your destination; in case of warm areas always take lawn, and cotton clothes, otherwise you must have woolen clothes with you.

* Sports-wear should also be kept handy. In case of change of mood, you would like to play a sport, even if you are not a keen player. The dress conventions must be followed indoors and outdoors.

7. Make sure you pack all sorts of shoes, which you have! It is not just a cruise, rather a whole experience of thrilling activities on board, dining in elegance, and style, and going on short land excursions. Therefore, you need all types of footwear ranging from casual flat shoes to trendy evening shoes. Trekking shoes are useful for going on land excursions. Beach sandals and sneakers should be packed as well.

* Not all-indispensable ornamental jewellery like handbags, clutches, watches, sunglasses must be forgotten. Princess Cruise trip can be extremely pleasurable experience, thus keep all your trendy, and vital things should be available.

9. Women can simply not go without their make up kit in their bags! It is important however, to take along suntan lotions and creams. Deodorants, colognes, and perfumes should not be forgotten either. Hair dryers and irons, if needed should be checked for their voltage to make sure that it is compatible with the voltage supply of the princess cruise. The toiletry kit should include everything such as toothbrushes, toothpastes, soap bars, shampoos, hand washes, and shower gels etc. Hand and body creams should also be carried on board.

* Do not think that internet facility would not be there, so pack your laptop and batteries with you to avail this service while on the cruise. It will keep you connected with the rest of your world whether you are a student, businessman, or a housewife.

Princess cruise holiday is one of the best things that can ever happen to you in life, so do not miss the chance. They are well equipped and stocked, so if you do not bring any of your essential items, they can either be bought of rented out from respective stores on board.

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