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Samsonite Briefcase: Useful In Keeping Papers

Much energy, as well as sufficient knowledge and information on business proceedings is vital to living in today’s fast-paced business environment. Any business setting is comprised of various documents both in digital and paper form. As such, every businessman or woman must have these documents organized and in order at all times, so as to keep them safe and secure even in transit. As such, a trusty briefcase, such as a Samsonite briefcase, may come in handy.

Briefcases are considered today as fundamental accessories of every businessmen and women. They are not only handy in keeping documents, whether in digital or paper form, organized; they also provide security in transporting said files. 14th Century Europe marks the invention of the concept of the briefcase. At the time, soft satchels called “budgets”-which was derived from its Latin translation “bulga” that means “leather bag”-were used to transport money and other valuable from one location to another. These soft satchels were later replaced by carpetbags and these carpetbags were later incorporated with iron frames with hinges that eventually evolved to the metal frame leather briefcases as we know briefcases today.

A briefcase is just another type of bag. It can be easily recognized as it is rectangular in shape and comes in different colors, sizes, textures, styles and brands. Also, do not let yourself be confused with the different terminologies such as attache cases, portfolios, presentation cases and messenger bags as these are just some of the different types of briefcases. Different brands are also popular in the briefcase business such as Samsonite briefcases and Hofbauer briefcases. Briefcases come in assorted styles, which vary from personal to professional use.

Briefcases come in four general types-each of which are designed with special features and are made for specific functions. Portfolios are the first type of briefcases. Usually held under the arm as they don’t feature a handle, portfolios are especially made for individuals who frequently transport documents from place to place such as students. They are designed to facilitate easy transfer of files from one place to another. Another type of briefcase is the padfolio which is an all-in-one notepad and portfolio briefcase. This bag also contains an induced writing pad, credit card pockets, and a calculator.

Next are attach cases that are usually used by professionals, ambassadors, and diplomats. Attach cases are the largest among the various types of briefcases and are made with two compartments often made from aluminum. Samsonite briefcases are among the popular examples of attach cases. Finally are travel briefcases which are especially designed for individuals who frequently travel. These bags are also made with two compartments, yet, one is especially designed to carry clothes while the other is used to carry digital and paper documents.

As was already established, briefcases are an integral part of every businessman or woman’s business life. As today’s business world demands more stuffs to be carried to the office-such as laptops and other important files, office goers must think about getting their very own Samsonite briefcase as at the end of the day, documents would still need to be carried and transported to another location.

Mario Mercecault believes that the best accessory to any corporate attire is a handy and stylish briefcase. Given this, Mario makes sure that whenever he is set to do his business works, that he always have his Samsonite Aktenkoffer (Samsonite Briefcase) with him.

Various Forms Of Briefcases For Office Workers

Men and women who work in offices often carry with them various important documents and files. These pieces of paper they often carry inside briefcases. Every professional understands the importance of the use of practical tools for the things they need as much as they understand the importance of efficiently and effectively performing their work. With such, briefcases are deemed a vital part of every office workers’ daily office life. As a result of this, briefcases have been made very popular that a number of these cases are being manufactured with various designs to add to their commercial appeal.

Briefcases are sold in different designs, size, color, durability, and fabric. Based on the quality, durability and brands, briefcases can also come in different prices. Knowing the different types of briefcases will allow you to be able to choose the right kind for you and help you stay even more comfortable at work.

Briefcases are sparrow box shaped bags or cases used mainly for carrying papers and other documents and are equipped with handles. This type of bags was originally tied to lawyers who usually use them to carry important documents and legal files. These days, briefcases are no longer used exclusively by lawyers. They are now prevalently used by professionals doing office works as well as by students. Choosing a briefcase requires knowing the different types of product that you can choose from. It is also necessary to consider the types of items that you will be carrying, the amount or number of items you will be carrying and the amount of money you are willing to shell out in buying.

The most common types of briefcases used by office employees are Attaches -which are also the largest among the various types of briefcases. The word Attache was coined from the same French word “attache”, which was then used to refer to diplomats and individuals working in embassies and consulates. Often box-shaped with two compartments, attaches are commonly made of leather or aluminum and come with a hard frame. Nevertheless, there also are attaches now available that are made from various materials like cloth, nylon, and artificial leather.

Other types of briefcases are the portfolios and padfolios which are much smaller than attaches. The word “portfolio”, which literally means “a case for carrying loose papers”, came from the Latin words “portare” and “folium” which means “to carry” and “a sheet for writing upon”, respectively. This type of briefcases are often carried on hand or beneath that arm as they do not come with handles and are designed flat and slim. There also are a number of portfolios today designed to carry laptops. Padfolios, on the other hand, though much slimmer have the same characteristics as portfolios in terms of the compartments and the way they are held. Nevertheless, they are exclusively held under the arm and can only carry paper documents with sizes at 8.5×11 inches to 8.05×14 inches.

Briefcases can be purchased at a number of different places. Office Depot and Staples, as well as at stores like Target and Wal-Mart sells briefcases in their office supply sections. Colleges and Universities also offer different kind of briefcases that one can choose from.

The writer is a supervisor employed at a famous toy corporation in New Zealand. As such, he has with him important documents. To organize them properly, he brings with him his Aktenkoffer – briefcase in German. It helps him arrange his documents from the most important concerns to the least important.


Every working man needs a briefcase. These carrying cases will make an impression your professional attire, and can say a lot about you. Since they are available in all different styles, sizes, and price ranges, you’ll be able to find the right one for you with just a little bit of research.

The most popular briefcase and what everyone thinks of is the leather one. These are professional and sharp looking. If you have an important meeting, these are perfect for you. These leather cases will help you carry everything that you need in one place. You’ll be ready for your presentation by opening your case and handing things out. Not only does it look professional, but it’s convenient.

If you want something that is a little more durable, there is one for you. Take a look at a hard shell metal briefcase. If you don’t want anything to get crumpled or wrinkled for that important presentation, these are right for you. They are waterproof, and can withstand most anything you can throw at them. You’ll find a ton of great styles and colors that you can purchase.

Another option is the laptop briefcase. This case will allow you to carry everything all at once. You won’t need a laptop case and a briefcase; it will all go in on and make it easy for you. These are so convenient, and will serve so many different purposes.

Another alternative for a multi-use carrying base is a nylon case. If you need to carry paperwork, but don’t necessarily need the professional look that a leather one carries, these are perfect. If you have an occupation that has you traveling a lot or working outside, this will keep everything organized, but be easy and convenient to take care of. You can find these at outdoor stores where you would find your backpacks or hiking bags. They are great for a variety of purposes.

To find a great briefcase, you have all kinds of options of place to look at. Many of your office supply stores will specialize in these. You’ll find all different types and styles for you. Whatever your needs you’ll find them there. If you want a nice designer bag, you should look at a finer department store. These will have great lines of designer cases to carry everything for you. Or, look at that lines storefront to find the option for you. Otherwise, you can look online and find all kinds of great deals.

If you’re looking to get a great deal on a briefcase, you have a lot of options. Take advantage of certain places and certain times of year. There are sales that will generally clear out old stock to make room for new and you can take advantage of those and get a very nice one for very little money. Also, shop online, you’ll be able to look at all different types of deals.

If you’re looking to purchase a briefcase, there are so many different types available; whether you need a leather one, a hard shell one, nylon one, or one for your laptop, there all available. Take advantage of shopping at all different types of places to find the best one.

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