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A Concise Glance At The Metro System In Paris

Paris boasts of an excellent public metro transport system and thus lives up to the expectation of the commuters.

Just looking at a Paris metro map alone can be a bewildering experience looking more similar to a work of modern art with its myriad of different coloured lines each standing for a route on the Paris metro system.

The experienced 100-plus year old metro system in Paris is among the oldest in the world and it runs on 15 different tracks that are named after their stations.

The Paris metro has some 200 kilometres of track which link 368 metro stations. Paris metro stations are also very reachable as wherever you are in the city of Paris you’re never more than 500 meters away from a metro station. The only problem you’ll have is choosing which Paris metro station is nearest from any given building.

If you are going to Paris on vacation then the extent to which you use the Metro and eventually the type of ticket you buy, depends on a few factors. Firstly, if you are staying at a Paris hotel in the centre of the city then you probably won’t be using the metro that much.

In Paris it would be enough if you obtain a single metro ticket for a particular place as most of the important sights like museums and monuments of Paris lie close to one another.

In almost all the metro stations attendants are ready to assist the travellers in purchasing metro tickets from ticket booths. Many tourists who spend only one week in Paris and who would use metro system to the maximum buy what is known as a ‘carnet’. A carnet consists of 10 metro tickets given at a discount and which enables the tourist to travel in Paris metro 10 times.

Another ticket that permits you to travel any number of times on the metro in a week is the ‘orange Paris metro ticket’. It is a good alternative in the sense that it is economical and you can choose the number of places you would visit in the week.

Tourists from the US can choose Paris Vistes which can be ordered through the internet before they leave for France. This ticket permits you to visit the RATP network any number of times.

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Significant Facts About French Railways

Thanks to the outstanding railway network in France, which is run by the state owned train company SNCF, train travel in France is a pleasant, efficient and reasonably priced experience.

Train travel in France is of high quality mainly due to the endeavours of Sociate Nationale de Chemins de Fer or SNCF which looks after the maintenance part of the railways. This is a government supported company. French government funds the high speed TGV train in France.

The network of trains in France is expansive and reaches almost all over the country. The only drawback is however that because the train network in France is designed around Paris, you usually have to go through Paris even when travelling between two provincial towns.

All main railway lines start from Paris and reach almost all the places in France. There are six main railway stations in France and Paris happens to be the changing venue for most of the other destinations.

Electric trains constitute the major part of the railway network in France. 80% of the total number of trains that move about in France is electricity-run.

Details about train times and train tickets in France can be obtained from the ticket window, or guichet, of any staffed train station in France.

A travel guide known as guide regionale des transports is issued by the local government for the sake of the travellers who tour France. A leaflet called horaire is also distributed free at main railway stations in France for the benefit of the tourists.

Main train stations in France have left luggage offices where you can leave bags and bicycles for up to 24 hours.

Valuables can be kept for a period of three days in computerized lockers available in main railway stations in France. They are known as consigne automatique. You can apply the code provided to you after the payment of a fee to use the lockers.

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An Historic Guide to St Tropez

St. Tropez is found on the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean and is widely thought to be a holiday hotspot for celebrities. This sunny beach town boasts of a decorative history and attracts tourists from across the globe. Over the years, investors in property have also shown an enthusiastic interest in St Tropez property , purchasing and hiring land, houses, commercial spaces and villas.

A simple fishing town, St. Tropez was first set up by the Phoenicians who survived until the Roman Empire came into power. The town took its name from a prominent Roman noble who was sacrificed in 68 AD after being converted to Christianity. The legend claims that a tiny boat carried his body to the coasts of what is now called St. Tropez. The locals of St. Tropez revere this patron saint during all important festivals across the area.

St. Tropez was also understood to be a crucial harbour for the French navy. This tiny beach sanctuary has been known to supply some of the finest sailors, naval strategists and navigators. The naval shipyard in St. Tropez played a very important role in protecting the town from Genoa in the sixteenth century. Building strong defences against future attacks like the Citadel and the harbour, they carry on providing shelter in stormy weather conditions.

St. Tropez stood tall and proud in the Second World War, enduring the repeated bombing from enemy forces superbly. Attacked heavily throughout the war, St. Tropez also served as a landing site for the associated countries. Despite constant attacks, lots of the historical structures in the town survived and St. Tropez found a second lease on life through tourism.

St. Tropez in addition has gave seriously in the art world after the appearance of Paul Signac in the latter nineteenth century. Buying St Tropez property to build a home, Signac hosted other important artists like Matisse. By the 20th century, St. Tropez had gained monumental recognition and attracted the notice of several prominent artists. During this time, it came to be known as a centre for bohemian life-styles and invention.

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From France Until Facebook – Amazing History of Blackjack Game

Blackjack is among the list of whole world’s most well known casino games, regardless if enjoyed from internet or at any one of the countless casinos around the world. The game, frequently referred to as twenty one, is without question very simple, on the other hand has sufficient procedures and styles to ensure game players are engaged in web blackjack for a long time at a time.

France is generally distinguished as having originated this desired casino game, yet there is no real proof supporting this selection. What exactly is clear is that the French-made Black jack game professional, in reality being the pioneers in featuring this game in their betting houses.

The name blackjack by itself pertains to special prize bankroll that a gamer would expect to win when obtaining 21 wearing just the Jack of spades and Ace of spades. In present-day casino Black jack, bonus money is picked up by every gambler getting 21 having any pairing of thier startup two cards, while the name remains Blackjack.

Through Blackjack game history, mathematicians have been presenting resources that apparently can deliver game players better chances on the casino. This plan strikes its topmost when within the 1960s, Edward O. Thorp issued his booklet “Beat the Dealer”. Blackjack is now offered in casinos far and wide, from Vegas strip to Macao and French riviera to Sydney. On-line blackjack has boomed with the invention of the world wide web and indeed players can easily appreciate their beloved online games from their private armchairs. has built their own unique gaming concept permitting internet players to have fun actively playing free blackjack game and while doing so to be able to earn big real money or prizes. They released three black jack variations available at internet site or alternatively as popular Facebook black jack game at To start playing players will need singularly to join and verify their email address. Right after e-mail address successful validation each and every one will get $258 gaming chips to play at no cost everyday. For online players fascinated by more chips and greater gaming capabilities that boost earning possibilities there are actually premium gaming solutions ready.

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A Taste of Historic France

France is brimming full of famous chateaux, often known as castles. These chateaux are open to the public for tours, are full of history and many are extremely old dating back hundreds of years. Here are several of the most famed ones located in France.

The Chateaux of Chambord is considered the biggest of all Royal chateaux in all of France. It is found in the Loire Valley and tours are available for those interested in visiting this glamorous chateau. This significant Chateau contains one chimney for every day of the year, totaling 365 chimneys in all. It also contains over 400 rooms and a staggering 80 staircases to climb. Situated in 13,000 acre of beautiful forest woodland the Castle goes back to Louis XiV. When he came to the Chateaux of Chambord to hunt and relax. Built by King Francois I in the 16th century it took more than 20 years to complete, and to this day hasn’t ever been completely completed.

The Chateaux de Chenonceau is another popular chateaux found in France. It is considered to be a romantic place, containing a moat, drawbridge and turrets. It is situated near the river Cher and is encircled by parklands, forest and gardens. Originally built somewhere around the 11th century, but during the 15th century, it was torched, and was rebuilt.

Built in the 17th century, The Chateaux de Cheverny is thought to be the most generously furnished castle in France. Once home to the famous Mona Lisa painting and is open to the general public for guided tours. Built in white stone by the Hurault family it and is nearly unaltered from the time it was initially built. Many people enjoy visiting this chateau to see the hunting dog kennels now held there. These dogs are kept on the grounds of the property and are available to see if visiting the chateaux, unless they are out on a hunt.

It is tough to find French chateaux for sale; nonetheless there are plenty of to go to and tour. Each and every one offers unique things to see and learn about the time era they originated. So if you are planning a visit to France be sure to visit the lovely and consequential French Chateaux for a taste of its history and grandeur.

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Understand The Way To Acquire The Perfect Property In Limousin

Most considerable projects typically take several steps to accomplish. Points with any intricacy take a lot of ways over a time frame. It’s just normal within the nature of issues that important projects are not achieved overnight. To make sure success it’s vital to prepare yourself well, set clear objectives, work hard and persevere. Whatever project or struggle you undertake, there are not very likely to be exclusions to these principles.

Almost every challenge might be undertaken effectively, if you just divide it into basic actions. This really is how you can succeed at your objective to find a great property in Limousinby simply using five basic steps

Step 1. Look for a great location. The reason why this is essential is because this may figure out how your lifestyle will turned out to be. Maybe you could want a location that’s quiet and away from the hustle of city life. Maybe you might be searching for a location close to the town where all the amenities are readily available. Others find it appealing to purchase a property that’s overlooking the majestic beach or the busy town. Do not keep from or forget about this or you may end up finding a property that could not match your lifestyle.

Step 2. Create a list of what you may like to anticipate from a property. This vital step calls for all your attention. Here’s the best way to do it correctly. Discuss together with your family members if you will be living with them in the new home. Try to ask each and everyone’s opinion on the details of the property that they would like to have. Identify how many bedrooms and also baths are you needing. Identify also the additional rooms for example a music room or perhaps a study room for the children. Knowing exactly what you wish sets your expectations and criteria. Another reason this is crucial is because it can minimize your time and energy trying to look at almost each and every property you might see. When you have a certain requirement in mind it will be simpler for you to search.

Step 3. Specify how much you can afford. You need to do this so you are able to set a budget for a property. Additionally you will just wish to do this to make certain you invest only for what you are able to afford. Do not be too excited having a great property in Limousin and go way over the top with your spending budget. Set your range and stay with it. Obtaining an excellent property in Limousin or a property in Poitou Charentes need not leave your pocket empty. You can find remarkable houses at very reasonable costs.

Step 4. Get yourself a highly competent real estate agent. A highly qualified real estate agent could actually aid you find the best property for you. Make certain you deal with accredited specialists so you are able to guarantee a legitimate investment. Expert real estate agents are skilled and knowledgeable on the existing real estate market and they could supply you best value for your money. Just discuss with them your requirements and criteria so they are able to successfully get you an appropriate property.

Step 5. When you find the very best house for you make sure you bring in just the perfect pieces of furniture to match it. Make an effort to accentuate the environment around you so you’ll be able to get the best harmony in your residence. Additionally, generate a balance and synchronize that with the natural beauty of Limousin.

Towards the end of your goal, for those that have followed these steps diligently, you’re going to succeed and will then have fun with the fruits of your individual success! Then you may compliment yourself, stand tall, hold your head high and grow proud of your achievement. It is your project and therefore your accomplishment to get a great property in Limousin. Now pat yourself on the shoulder and be happy!

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DPE Document Regarding French Property To Buy

Have you ever billed an item of dwelling? Perhaps, may have achieved correspondence taken from? If you answer absolutely yes to actually at the minimum at the one of them factors then you could most certainly learn what I’m talking about when I state DPE certificate. You happen to be at present unaware of the very indicating we can take a look at this situation somewhat even further and learn exactly what it entails in addition to the so just why today it is obligated in the marketing pertaining to apartment.

Usually the DPE analysis, this stories origins has its own root beginnings back December 2002. Because this is period newer Western Authorities was introduced. The idea basically seeks that there’s a dependence on analysis throughout Countries in europe and additionally membership countries from the European Union. Strictly, the DPE research is the better excellent Diagnostic Functioning Levels of energy review and thus it comes with a more detailed examination within the buildings consumption and additionally utility requests. It would produce an overall total considered amount of energy source of real estate. Thus it provides the prospective bargain hunter an image by which they are going to the costs connected to operating quite a household on a administered time schedule, covering up every conditioning, home heating and ac in conjunction with other the environmental solutions.

Thus, this season this approach strategy is very much needed includes to be noticed although labeled relating to any apartment advertising campaigns. Take a look marketing campaigns just for French property for sales, see a DPE exploration properly put on show. Within the other hand, almost every law of commerce does have ommissions and this also isn’t dissimilar to the standard.

Excellent, non permanent architectures otherwise reasonable (approximately fifty square metres) which were not as much as the couple of years won’t have call for in the document. Some gardening so farming constructions may possibly shown just as exceptions. Surely, many types of medieval monuments just like churches, classic structures and stuff like that can often be ran without this official recognition. Plus structures but without the environmental tactics just like that using central heating system probably conditioning will not require particular pieces of paper. Establishments which happen to be made use of not so 4 months’ time annually could well are available without requiring DPE analysis. Where one particular building makes place in such type of products given that the sun’s battery power, energy h2o heating up quite possibly geothermal power constituents, better credibility definitely is rewarded and additionally fairly varying polices incorporate seeing as reliability emerged.

As a consequence in conclusion, prior to choosing one specific French property to buy, check this credit report in. Similarly study the small type totally tightly since it is should really would be the facts you might say to elevate the energy efficiency and further lessen the genuine pricing.

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Obligatory Energy Functioning Document Just For French Property Promotions

Regulations of Energy source Proficiency Document entered launched directly on twenty-eight of most December, the year 2010 as well as you realized generally Federal National Real Estate Federation expected with regard to rules most probably essentially regarded most of the classifieds gently pressed combined with unveiled ahead of time such a date and time. It can be is available an definite rules at this point in effect requires that all of the home advertisings irrespective of quickly as the good advertising campaign was regarded as gently pressed must-have this kind of energy resource functionality records data demonstrating. Such factor together with French people conscientiousness as well as care for info requests added examination and I also want to talk to just a few incredibly carefully decided upon phrases and words all about France laws when considering real-estate advertisers entrances.

If you place an advert in the press then it should be supplied with details of the energy performance certificate. Generally, it sounds like CLASSE ENERGIE. The details of how large or small this information must be shown are also taken into consideration with the legislation. Usually, the letter should be no smaller that the font of the whole advert and must appear in colour-coded diagram. It might look like Maison a vendre Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, 5 ch. 7 sdb, piscine. CLASSE ENERGIE D.

Furthermore the legislation carries on describing as when the contract is signed; the hard copy of the certificate must be handed to the client. This version should be readable in a pleasant and easy way. Internet announcement has to show the class of energy certificate no smaller than 180 x 180 pixels. In point of fact, it is rather easy to create just single French property advertisement. However, when a real estate company has hundreds of such advertisements of course, it is really complex to get all certificates as well as include them within the portfolio in such a manner that looks good and is factually correct. Whether these new types of certifications will play a great role and bring any practical use with selling, time will tell.

Right now, the exact tip may be the strategy and all of customers are required to follow it also delicately whether they actually do enjoy it or don’t. Then, at any time you determine French property to buy in that case more effective use your own personal focus to this kind of not so big information of this requirements with all the method that you simply must benefit from the contemporary real-estate niche.

If you have French property for sales, better follow the legislative process. Thus you create more credibility amongst clientle as well as it demonstrates the correct methodology of your company processes. I hope you enjoy these innovative demands for French property advertisements.

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Must See St Tropez Attractions

St. Tropez is one of the most popular beach destinations for an stylish holiday. Boasting of rich culture, history, nightlife and fine St Tropez villas , it caters to each and every kind of tourist. The sparkling Mediterranean beaches lining St. Tropez are the most popular spots whether you are looking to spend a calming afternoon or luxuriate in exciting watersports.

The Citadel is probably the must-visit attraction of St. Tropez. It was built in the sixteenth century to offer protection to the town and still stands tall and strong on the St. Tropez harbour. The structure can also include three defensive towers – Guillaume, Portalet and Jarlier, which were built before the Citadel. They are seperated by their special architectural styles and also provide fabulous views of the coast.

Visitors could also enjoy the local flavours of the region by heading to Place des Lices. Located at the centre of the city, Place des Lices is the heart of local dining and street entertainment. You might dine in some of the most reasonably priced outlets while listening to folk music. Place aux Herbes is the best market in the region to buy fresh foods like vegetables, beef, and fish. If you’d like to experience the everyday life of St. Tropez residence, ensure you explore Place des Lices and Place aux Herbes.

St. Tropez has long been admired for its breathtaking beauty and amazing medieval architecture. It is also home to a few quaint villas. Some of the best villas in St Tropez have been turned into museums while some others are supplied as luxury holiday villas.

St. Tropez is a cultural hotspot too. The St. Tropez Art Museum, AKA the Annonciade Museum, features famous art works by distinguished artists like Braque, Matisse, Signac, Bonnard, Van Dongen and Seurat. The Chateau Suffren, Naval Museum and Butterfly Museum showcase exhibits that depict the colourful and exciting history of this fascinating city has had.

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Different Ways to Travel in France

The city of Paris, France has a history that stretches back more than 2,000 years. There is enough to see here to last you for the rest of your life. However, many people do want to leave the wonder of Paris and enjoy the French countryside.

When you do get outside of the big city, you can choose to travel in many different ways. Each of them offers various advantages.

If you choose to walk and hike, you will get a great appreciation for the beauty of France as well as its people. There are many trails that are clearly marked. There are what are called long distance paths, intermediate paths and local paths. The three trials are marked by different colored signs. The signs and trails are kept up by the French Federation of Pedestrians. You also can get guidebooks and maps that show you the various routes you can take on you hike in France.

If you want to move along a little faster in France, you can rent a bicycle. French people have loved the bike ever since they were first invented. That is probably why the Tour de France – the most famous bike race on earth – takes place here. Each July for three weeks, the Tour de France goes through the French countryside. Frenchmen and women line up on the roads to cheer their favorite riders.

You can rent a bike in most French train stations. You also are able to carry them with you on the train most of the time.

You also can choose to relax on a slow boat on a French river. In the 19th century, France had canals and rivers that were over 12,000 km in length, the ones that could be easily navigated. These days, commerce requires much faster ways of moving things around, so the rivers and canals are now more for tourists and leisure travelers.

When you travel on the canals and rivers of France, you will see all sorts of amazing sites. Some of these include the Canal du Midi, and also the bridge-canal of Briare. You also will see the amazing inclined plane of Arzwiller. There are many businesses from which you can rent a houseboat or a barge. Even if you do not have much experience with boats, you can handle the slow pace of a slow cruise on a lovely, French canal.

If you want to rent an automobile, you should be pleased to know that the roads of this country are very well managed. The network of roads in France is one of the best in the world. French drivers can be rather aggressive and different than American drivers, so you should be prepared. You also will probably need an international driver’s license, which you can get without any testing if you have a valid American driver’s license.

Of course, you can fly in France if you need to get there fast. You will not usually fly in a plane in France for a lot longer than an hour, as the country is not that large. Air France is the most common carrier.

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A Concise Guide To French Ski Resorts

France is one of the best countries in Europe, if not the world, to come on a skiing holiday. France has over 40 fully equipped ski resorts, some of which are working all year round.

There are six mountain ranges in France for the skiing enthusiast to ski about. You can find ski resorts in the Alps, the Jura Mountains, the Vosges Mountains, the Massif Central Mountains and on the peaks of Corsica.

Skiing period in France varies slightly depending on where you intend to take your skiing holiday and also general atmospheric conditions. Snow conditions at a lot of resorts tend to vary from year to year.

However, it’s safe to say that generally the best skiing conditions in France can be found in January and February. However, these months, particularly February, are also when the ski resorts are most busy, mainly due to the school holidays in France.

December to April is the conducive period for skiing in the ski resorts of France but then the selection has to be made considering the snow residue on the surface and this depends on the height of the resort selected.

Downhill skiing in France is much more sought-after than cross country skiing; however, it is also more costly. Although prices vary between ski resorts in France, if you think of a downhill skiing holiday you have to consider equipment rental, lift passes, accommodation in crowded resorts and aprs ski activities.

Cross country skiing in France costs a lot cheaper and there are some first-class cross country skiing runs in France.

Cross country skiing in France is more delightful in the valleys more than at higher altitudes.

Favoured places in France for cross country skiing include Les Grande Bornand and La Clusaz close to Annecy where there is more than 200km of ski trail. Other good cross country skiing trails can be seen in the Jura range and Metabief.

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Beautiful Villages in France

France offers such a lot to holiday makers, not only in the towns but also in its many villages. Covered with medieval style architecture and roads, the towns in France are a few of the most pretty in the world. If you’re planning a visit to rural France for a short holiday break, to buy property or a vineyard for sale in France, here are some of the villages you may want to definitely consider.

Saint Gaultier

One of France’s many towns that were fortified during the medieval period, Saint Gaultier is set on the banks of the river Creuse. The village derives its name from Abbe Gaultier, who also has a 1000 years church named after him. The village still retains the same roads and buildings that were built in the medieval period.


Perched on a hill-top, Gargilesse was for ages – and still is – the favorite haunt for craftsmen, painters, artists and writers, significantly the famed French writer Lucile Aurore Dupin. The place where she lived is now a museum and is open to visitors. The village also hosts the flower and farm market each and every year in May and a book festival in September. The castle and the Romanesque church are the biggest structures in the entire village around that the many houses of the village are set.


Together with the Italian city of Lucca, Carcassonne is one of the most famed fortified places in Europe. Mentioned on the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 1997, earliest records of the village date back the 5th or 6th century Bc, when it was occupied by Gaulish settlements. With 2 rings of the town walls and over 50 towers, Carcassonne is a colourful visitor attraction. The region also will be relevant to wine fans on the lookout for a vineyard for sale in France.


A tiny village in Central France, Tranzault is generally known for the festival of pumpkins and rare vegetables that it conducts every year during the month of October. For the lovers of rural life and rare plants, this village is a must visit.

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Must Visit Festivals in France

Thought to be the style and glamour capital of France, the French Riviera holds several famous cultural festivals and events at various times of the year. The beautiful waterside area is home to superb beaches, cuisine and handsome French Riviera villas. From festivals of music and fashion, events in the South of France are trendy and highly delightful.

Nice Carnival

The Carnival de Nice is held every February and incorporates a grand parade around the city. Thousands of participants throw flowers into the crowds as the parade passes through the town. The carnival is then rounded off with a stunning firework display in the night sky.

Cannes Film Festival

As one of the most famous festivals in France and throughout the world, this festival attracts thousands of visitors as well as the most well-known celebs. The festival typically lasts for roughly ten days where stars and famous film personalities stay in sumptuous French Riviera villas and apartments. The Festival Palace is a giant structure where the celebrities and judging panel walk down the coveted red carpet. Cannes obviously pulls holiday makers in crowds in the festival season.

Music festival in Nice

The Les Nuits Musicales in Nice is a music festival which is held each and every year in the summer months of July and August. Evenings devoted to the legendary compositions by classicla musics most famous composers of the likes of Mozart and Beethoven keep music connoisseurs thrilled. In reality art, music and culture form an indispensable element of a standard holiday on the French Riviera. The best orchestras perform these recitals in varied places across Nice. The recitals are typically performed in open air under the moonlight to give an additional dimension to the overall experience.

International circus festival in Monaco

This widely recognized circus festival in Monaco is totally different from other circuses. The international circus festival is held each and every January in Monte Carlo. The Monaco circus includes some of the most gifted performers and acrobats from all areas of the globe. The acrobats and contortionists perform incredible feats defying the boundaries of standard human movement and flexibility. The circus is highly recommended for children and adults alike.

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5 Reasons Why Skiing Is Good For You

At last, concrete proof for what we’ve long suspected: skiing and snowboarding are good for you. And that’s not just because they’re both great fun and put a smile on your face but because this also improves our health, happiness, red blood cell count and makes us live longer. The evidence has always been there for us to see: the bearded septuagenarian bounding past you for the fifteenth time as you struggle down your first run of the day. Here’s his secret…


Are you SAD? 1 in 50 people in the UK suffer from seasonal affective disorder which is a type of depression which commonly occurs during the winter months when the days are shorter. You travel to and from work in the dark, are cooped up in the office all day, and levels of serotonin, the brain’s natural mood lifter, drop. SADs can vary from mild winter blues to a more severe form where people can’t function in the winter without treatment. So get treatment and get up on the mountain. You may get depressed about the cost of a beer on the slopes, but that’s not quite the same thing.


We’re all just animals, obviously some creationists may disagree, but we need to exercise our fight or flight responses. What safer, or better, way of doing this than searching out the steepest black run you can find, or something just a little bit beyond your normal comfort zone. The adrenalin surge will activate the beta receptors in your nervous system causing your heart to beat faster and increasing air to the lungs. This stimulates the brain, and the endorphin rush of relief when it’s over, will make you feel like a super human after every run. You can then undo the good work done by celebrating with some après ski in the bar afterwards.


Can the news get any better? Just being at altitude can make you thin, fit and desirable – at least the first two are true. A couple of years ago the Austrian Moderate Altitude Study was carried out. Men who were overweight and suffered from high blood pressure and high cholesterol were prescribed walks at an altitude of between 1400m and 2000M. The result? Exercise at altitude improves heart function and circulation, lowers blood pressure and burns calories. There was also an increased number of young red blood cells. So, as far as the theory goes, skiing rocks and just getting off at the top of the Aiguille du Midi (3842m) could add years to your life.

Fresh Air

Spending time in the great outdoors helps to prevent disease and boost recovery. You can avoid the pretty nasty particles which float around in the urban air. According to some Harvard boffins in their Six Cities 1993 study those people living in the most polluted cities have a 26% greater risk of dying young than those in the cleanest. So give yourself a break from the congested traffic and polluted air and breath in that fresh, crisp, revitalising mountain air.


Learning is good for us. Your parents told you so and they were right, but they and you need to heed that advice. Learning new skills later in life can slow down the onset of dementia. Attempting challenges such as learning a foreign language – which you can practice at the bar – or new skills, such as skiing, will reduce the risk of getting age related symptoms and diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

So what are you waiting for? Skiing is not only great fun but also scientifically proven to be good for you. Now that surely is an unbeatable combination.

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Two Classic French Movies

French movies have over time, captivated film-goers all over the world. Just like every top genre of movies, French cinema has over time developed its special style, brought to the front by the most famous artists and directors – a testimony to the fact is that many movies of the past are still watched with as much interest and appreciation as was when they were released.

French films, just like any other great movies of all times, have successfully used elements like drama, passion, romance, comedy, suspense, thriller and action that have wowed the audience. But no less successful have been the movies with a theme, as an example, movies wtih social themes.

Let’s chat about some French movies that have been enormously successful over the years.

Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et La Bete) : This movie is about a man who sets out for his home one night and is captured by a half man / half animal. The beast lets the person go on condition that he will send one of his daughters to the beast. The man sends his most stunning girl to the animal and the girl discovers that that the beast has the heart of a human inside. The movie is known for its wonderful story and its special effects which were not thatt developed in those years.

Belle de Jour: This is a French film which is about a woman who loves her doctor hubby but isn't quite reconciled to the concept of having sex with him. In her quest for sex, she falls into bad company. This movie was released in 1967 and is a superb work.

These movies have managed to have a huge following for decades mainly because of a wonderful storyline and skillfull acting. This is even more worthy with a lack of advanced special effects.

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Petit Le Mans will be the anniversary of Scott Tucker’s professional debut

The pinnacle of the 2011 American Le Mans series takes place on Oct. 1 with the 14th annual Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta. For Scott Tucker, driver and owner for Level 5 Motorsports, the race marks the beginning of his sixth year of professional racing. In 2006, he made his professional debut at Petit Le Mans, and from there, his career took off.

“There are not many Americans that get to race there, first and foremost, so I feel very privileged to be among that group,” he said. “This year, we’re the only American prototype team there. We feel very fortunate we were selected to race there.”

The Petit Le Mans race is an endurance race modeled after the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which is its equivalent for the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup series. Road Atlanta owner Don Panoz founded it, and the first iteration ran on Oct. 10, 1998-and Panoz must have had a thing for tens, because the race covers a maximum of 1,000 miles or a minimum of 10 hours, whichever comes first. Class winners of Petit Le Mans automatically qualify for the following year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Tucker has increasingly focused on the American Le Mans Series as his career has continued. After he founded Level 5 Motorsports in 2008, his main actions have included drafting talented veterans known for incredible precision even at maximum speeds. This year’s Petit Le Mans has unofficially been the holy grail in Tucker’s eyes: Mid-season, he announced the switch from the team’s Nos. 55 and 95 Microsoft Office-sponsored LMP2 cars to a brand new, right-off-the-line HPD ARX-01g chassis, the result of a partnership between Honda Performance Development and Wirth Research. Tucker pushed hard to get the car finished as quickly as possible, of course without sacrificing quality. While making the transition between cars, Tucker even withdrew from ALMS races in Lime Rock Park and a huge one at Silverstone in Great Britain, choosing instead to focus on the all-important Petit ahead.

Now, Tucker has added a fourth elite driver to his already well-stacked team. Marino Franchitti will join the team and its new car-which Tucker marks as best in its class-for the 2011 race at Road Atlanta. Franchitti has extensive experience with the HPD prototype family, having participated in the first year of development of the ARX-01a with Andretti Green Racing before spending some LMP2 time with Dyson Racing. The addition of Franchitti to the lineup is an obvious sign that Tucker is going for the win at Petit Le Mans, though that’s never not the case when Tucker enters a race track. He is a three-time national driving champion. Level 5 Motorsports’ performance in 2010 during its debut year in the American Le Mans Series sent them to the top of the podium and bumped them into the LMP2 category.

Tucker has made giant strides since his Petit Le Mans professional debut in 2006, and this year he’s possibly the most prepared he’s ever been. A victory would mean another addition to Tucker’s unbelievable record in the past five years, and moving to the LMP1 category would mean that Tucker has made it to the top class in the sport he seemingly was born to compete in. Whatever the results end up meaning for Level 5 Motorsports, the work they’ve already put in this year make it clear that the team is one of the most prolific, aggressive racing organizations in the world.

Scott Tucker, the entrepreneur, investor, and racing champion has been featured by almost every major media outlet. Racing’s One-in-a-Million Story at the Wall Street Journal

Scott Tucker and Level 5 Motorsports Look to End Season on a High Note

Scott Tucker is looking for a successful conclusion to an extraordinary year of racing when they compete in the 14th annual Petit Le Mans powered by Mazda at Road Atlanta on Saturday, Oct. 1.

An endurance sports car race covering 1,000 miles or 10 hours, Petit Le Mans is the final race of the 2011 season in the American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patron. The event also serves as the second-to-last stop on the 2011 Intercontinental Le Mans Cup (ILMC) schedule.

The Level 5 Motorsports crew, headed by Scott Tucker, is particularly excited about the Petit Le Mans because both of the teams’ new HPD ARX-01g cars will be in action in the Le Mans Prototype 2, or LMP2, class. Both cars are sponsored by Microsoft Office 2010.

The Level 5 team’s No. 33 car, which is the crew’s ILMC entry, will be handled by Tucker, Christophe Bouchut of France and Joao Barbosa of Portugal.

In the Level 5 team’s No. 055 car, Tucker will be joined by Luis Diaz of Mexico and Marino Franchitti of Scotland. Franchitti, the newest addition to the Level 5 team, boasts a wealth of experience at the wheel of HPD prototypes. Franchitti, whose older brother is three-time IZOD IndyCar Series champion Dario Franchitti, will be seeking his third consecutive Petit Le Mans class victory.

The LMP2 division is seeing increasing competition and will will also include entries from United Autosports, Signatech Nissan and Oak Racing in the Petit Le Mans.

Tucker, the team owner who founded Level 5 in 2006 and earned Rookie of the Year honors in the American Le Mans Series in 2010, is looking to put the finishing touches on an outstanding 2011 season. Among other accomplishments including numerous podium appearances, Tucker notched his milestone 60th career victory this year.

As the 2011 season comes to a close, Tucker and his Level 5 teammates are planning to compete in the inaugural running of the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) in 2012. The 2012 WEC campaign, based on the format of the ILMC, is scheduled to include seven endurance sports car races including the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans. Races will take place in North America, Europe and Asia.

Viewers can catch the Petit Le Mans on ABC Sports at 4 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, Oct. 2. For live updates, visit

Scott Tucker, the entrepreneur, investor, and racing champion has been featured by almost every major media outlet. Racing’s One-in-a-Million Story at the Wall Street Journal

Scott Tucker After More Hardware at Road Atlanta

Level 5 Motorsports saved the best for last in qualifying for the 14th annual Petit Le Mans powered by Mazda, as Luis Diaz put the No. 055 Microsoft Office 2010-sponsored HPD ARX-01g on the LMP2 pole in thrilling fashion, leading a 1-3 qualifying effort for the Scott Tucker-owned organization.

Teammate Christophe Bouchut in Level 5’s Intercontinental Le Mans Cup-designated No. 33 Microsoft Office 2010 HPD ARX-01g held the top spot for the majority of the 15-minute prototype session but was bumped by the No. 26 Signatech ORECA-Nissan in the closing moments.

With time running out on the session, Bouchut was unable to respond after setting a respectable 1:12.729 lap time on the packed 2.54-mile Road Atlanta road course. Diaz, however, made continual improvements in his Honda-powered prototype and completed one more flying lap just before the checkered flag flew. It ended up being the pole run for the 2009 American Le Mans Series LMP2 champion.

“It was a matter of having a clean lap,” Diaz said. “The LMP1 cars didn’t make our lives very easy. We were surprised because we know the speed of the Nissan, and to beat them here is very special. But the Level 5 guys did a great job with the car. They’ve worked around the clock in both Europe and here to prepare the cars. I think this pole is great motivation for the race.”

Tucker, is a a four-time driving champion following his title in last weekend’s SCCA National Runoffs at Road America. He has proven to be the busiest and most successful driver at Road Atlanta this week, having already earned three wins in five race starts.

He scored wins in both Thursday and Friday’s Cooper Tire IMSA Prototype Lites races while also cruising to victory in the SCCA Pro Racing Trans-Am Series 100-mile race in his Microsoft Office 2010-sponsored Ferrari 430 Challenge car. The Trans-Am victory in the Global GT class marked his 63rd career win.

“There was some great racing out there,” Tucker said. “It’s great to have earned three more wins in the last two days. We grabbed the pole for tomorrow, so there’s a lot of momentum building. We’re looking forward to the big one and hopefully getting back on the top step of the podium”

Scott Tucker, the entrepreneur, investor, and racing champion has been featured by almost every major media outlet. Racing’s One-in-a-Million Story at the Wall Street Journal

Scott Tucker Wins Cooper Tires Prototype Lites Championship Race

In a week that has Scott Tucker slated to compete in a total of six different races, the Level 5 Motorsports driver got off to a strong start with a win in the Cooper Tires Prototype Lites Championship on Thursday. The win was Tucker’s third straight in the Lites 2 class.

Tucker will be taking stints in both the No. 33 and the No. 055 Microsoft Office 2010-sponsored HPD ARX-01g racecars on Saturday for Petit Le Mans – the famed 1,000-mile or 10-hour endurance race that marks the conclusion of the American Le Mans Series season.

He will also be tackling five support series races: the Cooper Tire Prototype Lites double-header, two rounds of the IMSA GT3 Challenge by Yokohama series and Friday’s SCCA Pro Racing Trans-Am event with Level 5’s Ferrari 458 Challenge car. This makes Tucker the busiest driver in the paddock.

Despite the other events on the schedule, the ultimate focus will be on delivering success on Saturday as Level 5 seeks to solidify its runner-up position in the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup LMP2 championship standings.

Level 5, which is searching for back-to-back Petit Le Mans victories after their LMPC win at Road Atlanta last year, has already locked up this year’s ALMS LMP2 drivers and teams titles to go with their 2010 accolades in LMPC, which included the inaugural drivers championship and Rookie-of-the-Year honors for Tucker.

Qualifying for the 14th annual Petit Le Mans powered by Mazda is scheduled for 2:35 p.m. ET on Friday, September 30 and will be available in the U.S. on ESPN3 or outside the U.S. on The 1,000-mile/10-hour endurance race is set for Saturday, Oct. 1. The race will air on ABC at 4 p.m. ET on Sunday, Oct. 2. Live coverage will be available in the U.S. on ESPN3 or outside the U.S. on beginning at 11:15 a.m. ET on Saturday, Oct. 1.

Scott Tucker, the entrepreneur, investor, and racing champion has been featured by almost every major media outlet. Racing’s One-in-a-Million Story at the Wall Street Journal

Scott Tucker and Level 5 team Testing Days A Good Sign for Petit Le Mans

Scott Tucker and his Level 5 Motorsports team have been taking full advantage of testing days for this weekend’s Petit Le Mans. Racking up the odometers on the team’s brand new Honda prototypes is paramount for the race at Road Atlanta, effectively the championship of the American Le Mans Series, which has been on Tucker’s to-do list all year. The new cars, two Honda Performance Development/Wirth Research-made Le Mans Prototype 2 models, were a long-awaited addition to the team that involved some risk, but one that has proven worthwhile since the cars were rolled out of the box a week ago.

Tucker and teammates took the first-place podium spot at last weekend’s Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) National Championship Runoffs at Road America, an historical win for Tucker, who has now won three consecutive Runoffs championships. The race was the HPD ARX-01g’s debut run, but you wouldn’t have known it if the prototype hadn’t been eagerly anticipated in media coverage. The car’s performance was flawless, and so far, at testing for Petit Le Mans, its performance is also consistent.

The team, which includes drivers Tucker, Luis Diaz, Christophe Bouchut, Joao Barbosa and Marino Franchitti, posted the fastest lap times in the first pair of testing days at Road Atlanta. Tucker, Barbosa and Bouchut tackled the first session Sunday in the team’s Microsoft Office-sponsored No. 33 HPD ARX-01g, recording 99 laps, one of which was a class leader at 1:17.799. The same trio posted a solid 1:13.729 during the last session on Monday.

The team’s other entry, the No. 055 HPD ARX-01g, also driven by Tucker along with Franchitti and Diaz, only made an appearance Monday, but what an appearance it was: The drivers again topped the LMP2 class with a 1:13.291. Because only the No. 33 car had been raced before, the practice time was especially important for the No. 55 entry. But its wheel couldn’t have been put in more able hands: Franchitti has extensive experience not only in the LMP2 class but in nearly every iteration of the HPD ARX prototypes, starting with the ARX-01a. Diaz also has a background in the LMP2 class, winning the class championship in 2009 with another team before joining Level 5 in 2011.

The Level 5 Motorsports team has already clinched the LMP2 class championship with the most points scored in the season, so they now look for a podium finish in their LMP2 debut at the 14th annual Petit Le Mans and a powerful delivery from their new prototypes.

“We’re all very happy with how testing has gone,” Tucker said. “Especially since the No. 055 hasn’t seen any track time, we’re extremely pleased with its performance. We have a long week and a long race ahead of us, but I don’t think we could have a better starting position at this point.”

The 10 hours or 1,000 miles of Petit Le Mans will begin Saturday. The Level 5 Motorsports team is well stocked for a sizzling LMP2 debut, having acquired the new prototypes and Franchitti just in time for the competition. Last year at Petit Le Mans, the Level 5 team won the LMP class championship, which bumped them to the LMP2 division. With all the work that’s gone into preparing for Petit Le Mans this season, it’s clear that Tucker and Level 5 are aiming to move up the ranks again and truly compete on the next level of racing.

Racing’s One-in-a-Million Story at the Wall Street Journal