New Travel Club Shakes the Travel Industry with it\’s Cutting Edge Product

It has taken 20 months and over $500,000 for the club to do what many said it couldn\’t, create a unique travel club. The result has been a breakthrough in the travel industry that has been needed for years. They make it possible for people to at wholesale pricing.

Everything in one place. Hotels, Condos, Car Rental, Restaurant, Homes and Villa Discounts all in one lowest possible rate place. The idea started with a simple idea. Private travel membership that allows members to save big on travel. This started what has now launched at the club.

There are over 100,000 luxury condo resorts worldwide that World Discovery Club has built it\’s foundation on. Members have access to last minute condo resorts starting at just $99 for the week. These prices are not what you typicall find available to the general public, to get access you\’ve got to have an in.

While condo resorts do cover key travel areas, other cities don\’t have luxury condo resorts for its\’ members, so the club offers hotel discounts that again, are typically not available to the general public. The rates typically run 5% to 40% less that what the general public would pay.

Renting cars over the years has changed and so has all the companies you\’ve got to choose from. They bring a simple comparision chart with deeply discounted car rental fees to allow members access to transportation anywhere they fly. From luxury cars, SUVs, or even convertibles all with an easy to see chart.

One key area that is missing in the travel business is Airfare discounts, they simply don\’t exist anywhere. That is unless you\’re a member. Members can expect consolidator rates on international airfare. You\’ll find that the club makes it easier for you to travel with these consolidator rates.

Jay NaPier is a retirement specialist in the home business industry, he\’s an author, speaker, coach and trainer in the home business industry. World Discovery Club, is one of several key businesses Jay NaPier recommends for retirees

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