Now Is The Time To Take Your Enthusiasts Bahamas Cruise Vacation

Those of you feeling stressed out from your everyday life will welcome the relaxing energy of a cruise to the Bahamas. Between the culture and food of the Islanders and the gorgeous islands themselves you will feel the tension melt away. Regardless of how many family and friends you bring on your trip you will all thoroughly enjoy your Bahamas cruise.

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is situated in the Atlantic very close to the Florida coast so you’ll probably depart from ports like Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Because the islands are so close you’ll probably make your first port within a matter of hours. With over 700 islands the Bahamas is situated between Florida and Cuba. With so many to choose from even a quick cruise will bring you to at least one of the Bahamas islands.

What makes the culture of the Bahamas’ islanders so special? It’s the amazing blend of African and European influences. Steel drums are only a small part of the picture. While in the Bahamas you will probably hear lots of different music forms such as Junkanoo calypso scrape and rake. If your cruise happens to be in port during one of the many festivals you’ll get to experience the fantastic marching bands that are so important to island life.

Those fortunate enough to find cheap cruises to the Bahamas will have money in their pockets to enjoy the wide variety of activities available throughout the islands. The endless beaches and warm sun are by far the stars of the show. But you should definitely make time for water sports like diving glass bottom boat tours snorkeling and submarine tours. Don’t miss the charming markets where you can shop for palm frond baskets bags hats and other crafts. Avid golfers will find some of the most beautiful courses anywhere while others can experience the magic of swimming with dolphins.

Because Nassau is only about fifty miles from the coast of Florida, it is often the first island experienced by travelers. The British colonial heritage of this island and the Bahamas in general feel familiar and exotic at the same time. The modern resorts and gorgeous beaches make you very aware you are in the tropics. But the fact that everyone drives on the left side of the road and the English style uniforms of the police officers gives it a European feel as well.

A trip to the Bahamas is the perfect vacation for those who want to relax on the beach as well as those looking for more adventure. Cheap cruises to the Bahamas are available if you do some shopping around. It is definitely worth it to find a good deal on the cruise so that you have enough left in your budget to experience the culture and amenities available in the Bahamas.

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