Fabulous Times On Your Women’s Bahamas Vacation

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas has been an enduring tourist destination since the time when Columbus landed in San Salvador. You will enjoy your Bahamas vacation whether you investigate a lot of islands as part of a cruise or just visit one. Boredom isn’t an option with all the fun activities and alluring beaches . Between the special tours boats water sports and kids activities there is a lot to do. Whatever you do on your Bahamas vacation a lifetime of memories is guaranteed.

While in the Bahamas you will have the opportunity to enjoy many aspects of Island culture. This is a mixture of African and European influences resulting from its long history of colonization and piracy. One thing you should experience is the unique form of celebration known as Junkanoo. This is an energetic and colorful parade similar to Mardi Gras and Carnival. Participants wear bright costumes and dance rhythmically to cowbells drums and whistles. Because of its roots in the tradition of slaveholders giving slaves several days off at Christmas to celebrate with their families you will most likely find Junkanoo during this time of year. However many islands also offer a Junkanoo summer festival. You and your kids will enjoy the festive atmosphere and have great stories from your Bahamas vacation .

Your kids will have a blast during their trip to the Bahamas. But if they are looking for pirates like Blackbeard their disappointment won’t last long . Be sure to mix your events like educational tours with excitement like banana boat rides. Fish fries and other Island cultural events are a sure fire way for kid fun. Kids can enjoy more traditional kid fun like mini golf on the bigger islands. Most large hotels offer babysitters and kids clubs so that adults can have some fun on their own. For wholesome fun a Bahamas vacation can be just the ticket.

Tours are a staple of any traditional destination vacation and you will find many options on your Bahamas vacation. There are so many things to do you will never be bored. You can go on organized tours that highlight the history of an island or you can find self-directed tours by horseback . This is one of the most beautiful places in the world . An incredible way to enjoy the unique flora and fauna of the Islands is to take an eco-tour . Some tours will take you to locations to watch dolphins swimming free. However you want to spend your Bahamas vacation there are tours that exceed your expectations.

When most people think of the Bahamas they envision pristine beaches and clear water . This area is renowned for the clearest water in the world with visibility of over 200 feet . You can spend your whole trip relaxing on the beach but you would be missing out if you didn’t take your adventure into the water . Visitors return year after year to enjoy the amazing scuba diving in these waters. In some of the outer islands you’ll need to arrange your own equipment and tank refills.

For a truly complete Bahamas vacation get on a boat. You’ll find many different ways to get out on the water such as large charter boats and kayaks. Renting a boat to explore the islands and cays is a great option. There are also special cruises available such as a booze cruise.

You’ll find exactly what you are looking for on your Bahamas vacation. From more sedate days lounging on the beach to more high octane adventure there are plenty of choices. Your family will have a trip of a lifetime even if you don’t get to all 700 islands. The hospitable people and clear water are truly unique to this amazing area. A trip to paradise is yours on your Bahamas vacation .

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