Enjoy The Bahamian Seafood Festival

The very best of the best seafood restaurants around Nassau, Bahamas will be available for lovers of the sea in late May. The Great Bahamas Seafood Festival takes place on 28th and 29th May. On the evening of Friday, Jacaranda House hosts a casual evening of entertainment, wine, art, and a host of delicious seafood dishes. Fifteen of the island’s best restaurants offer their signature seafood dish at this event.

On Saturday, from start to finish, bargain on being entertained by an assembly of musical bands as well as artists hailing the islands. An expansive assortment of seafood cuisines from the everyday to the extrinsic are made available at a reasonable cost for guests of the festival.

Surrounded by sea, this festival highlights what the Bahamas have to offer. The Downtown Nassau Partnership Association has developed the Great Bahamian Seafood Festival as a way of highlighting the best of the Bahamas. Restaurants, chefs, and caterers have the opportunity to showcase their signature dish as they welcome visitors to the culture of the Bahamas.

The Great Bahamian Seafood Festival coincides with the Memorial Day, which is the beginning of the American holiday of the summer. Visitors are introduced to the culture and cuisine that the Bahamas has to offer. Besides food and music, there is dancing, exhibits and fireworks. Competitions such as fish scaling and conch opening are of the few main attractions. Besides this there are also games available that will be included all throughout the weekend. This is a unique experience for any visitor who happens to be at this great festival.

Wine tasting, conducted under the guidance of experts in wine, ensures that this becomes an educational experience for those who want to grow their wine tasting palate.

Officials of the Great Bahamian Seafood Festival hope for hundreds, even thousands of visitors to Nassau. The main festival on the Nassau Harbor takes place on Saturday and hosts many of the competitions throughout the day, as well as serving as the location for everything educational about fish and the culture that is so uniquely Bahamian and for fish lovers everywhere, an opportunity to understand life at Nassau, Bahamas.

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